Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh How I Long For A House...or at least a toilet

We spent one of the first nice nights of Spring out at the river and did a little camping. Now, I am the biggest outdoors woman around, but even I would love nothing more than to pull up to my cabin on the river...not my tent. However, I know all good things come in time and we will eventually have a house there. The hard part is done, the lot, the clearing and the dock. Slap a house up and we will be finished! Anywho, we decided to do a little fishing, cooked some hotdogs and the other typical camping stuff. I did a little night fishing and David enjoyed the stars on the dock....





The night was not as restful as I had hoped. We left Wilson at home after his last camping expedition where he would not lay down and stood on our heads the entire night, keeping both of us from getting a wink of sleep. So, we thought this time, we would be in the clear with him sleeping peacefully at home. Well, note to self....camping in the winter and camping in the spring are two different situations. You see, for all of you non outdoorsy people, let me explain Mother Nature to you. You see, in the winter, a lot of the creatures/animals, etc. are a little more subdued. Maybe hibernating, or just not really operating at 100%. In the Spring however, they are up and awake and letting the world know it. I have never in my life heard so many noises that I couldn't identify. You would think the peaceful sound of the frogs and crickets would lull you to sleep which usually does me. However, about every 10 seconds there was some screeching sound that would almost make you wet your pants and then some animal noise that sounded like an old car trying to start. Needless to say, there wasn't much sleeping on our parts. So, as soon as the first light popped out of the sky, I was out of the tent and on the dock for a little morning fishing...




I caught a little bass and felt terrible, but I had to go wake David up to take my picture with it. He did, but his words to me were, "Next time, bring that back to me on a biscuit."

If you will remember from one of my previous BOW sessions, I took an outdoor dutch oven cooking class. So I of course came home and bought all the necessary tools for dutch oven cooking outside. I have the little charcoal starter thing, but I have never had it work quite right for me. It never really gets the charcoal going. So, genius here decided to give it a little help. I had one of those fire starters and I broke off a tiny piece....I mean tiny, like the size of a box of matches. So I put it under the charcoal starter and thought that might give it the little boost it needed to get started. So, I did that, set my timer and then went back to fishing. Well the next thing I knew, I was looking back as flames were shooting up out of the charcoal starter like a forest fire was about to erupt. I went running back there, kicked the starter over and tried to put it out...
Thank goodness David had the camera to document me almost burning the lot to the ground. Anywho, the plan for breakfast was scrapped and we went to Sportsmans Park for a delicious pork chop biscuit, so all was not lost. So now you can see my desire for a house, an inside toilet, a stove...but like I said before, all good things come in time. Lets just hope its quickly before I do some real damage out there!

Jimmie's Surprise 70th Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, we threw a surprise birthday party for David's Dad at Casa Blanca. They are local celebrities there, so we thought it would be the perfect place for the party. So after much planning/stalking and lots of misunderstanding from the Spanish speaking staff and myself, we pulled it off. I am known there as the loco blanca senorita, or for those of you that are not bilingual, that would be Crazy White Lady. Anywho, the party was great, had wonderful food and lots of good fellowship...






Monday, April 11, 2011

Marc Broussard Concert

For Valentine's Day, I got David tickets and Meet and Greet passes for the Marc Broussard Concert in Birmingham. It was on a Thursday night, so after work, we zipped down to Workplay in Birmingham. David is a big fan of his, and I listen to his music some, but after this concert, I really like his music. He is extremely talented and so nice and down to earth. He invited David to shoot pictures of him backstage at another concert and so I am sure we will be heading out to another one soon. Here are some shots from the night...



He did a special acoustic performance for some of the crowd....



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