Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rabies, air mattresses and dog hair...oh my

This past weekend, we decided to do a little camping out at the river lot. Now more than ever, our desire to have an actual house is real....I am all about the outdoors, don't get me wrong, but it would be so much nicer to not have to spend 5 hours packing all the things you need for one overnight trip. Anywho, we had a large time non the less.

One thing that struck me as sad a little is my faith in David and my ability to put things together. I really wanted this to be a fun trip, with no stress, so I started off early trying to read the instructions on putting the tent up. Wasn't a real fan of the whole "no picture thing" so I went to Academy. They had these tents that you literally throw up and they pop out...boom, you are done. However, upon reading reviews of them, they are less than desirable trying to fold back up to fit in their ever so cute bag. P.S.-Why do these tent manufacturers jam these tents into these tiny bags where there is no way the average person would every be able to fit it back in there? I digress...we got the tent up with no problem and started off the night with some yummy hotdogs from Kansas City Steaks...which are the bomb....in case you ever want a gourmet hotdog.


We then had a few smores....well, we had them, Wilson really wanted one..

Then David had to get a shot of me with my black teeth from the chocolate and the marshmallow all over my face....Wilson moved on to the whole "possessed" look, hoping to get a bite...no luck though.

We sat around the campfire and nerd alert David (love you dear) brought out the ol' Ipad. In his defense though, he downloaded some kind of star tracker application, and no, not like celebrity stars, but the ones you see in the sky....it was pretty awesome. You hold it up and it shows you exactly where all the constellations are. We took it out on the dock too for a spin and it was awesome...so, thank you nerdy husband for that. :)



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the whole rabies thing...we were sitting around the fire when we saw this....

Well to be honest, not this exact fox, but I didn't have the camera ready. He walked right up behind us, so the thing obviously had rabies....or it was just really brave...then he trotted off into the neighbors yard. Thank goodness we had our guard dog there to protect us.

Now is when the fun begins...getting in the tent. We had this grand idea to absolutely exhaust Wilson during the day. Which I successfully did. We were literally having to wake him up during dinner. We thought he would sleep like a baby in the tent...well, no such luck. I think this was the most frustrated we have ever been with him. He wouldn't settle down, would stand on your head, back, stomach, wherever...and so we got no sleep. I would have put him outside the tent but I was afraid he would tear the tent to pieces trying to get to us. So next time, Wilson is not invited. Speaking of an enjoyable night...the air mattress we had deflated about once an hour...so that was awesome as well. The next morning when we got up, the dog hair in the tent looked like we had scalped Wilson. Talk about a fun clean up! But all in all it was a great trip. I cooked us biscuits and breakfast casserole, the neighbors came over to eat and then we headed out. No matter what, no sleep or anything, being out at the river is just awesome....I'll take that any day over sleeping in my nice bed at home!






Monday, October 25, 2010

Guided Fishing Trip-Mike Davis Outdoors

So for my anniversary, my sweet husband got me a guided fishing trip with Mike Davis Outdoors. I know, I know, most girls wouldn't like it, but I absolutely LOVED it and couldn't wait to go! We scheduled our tour with Mike for Columbus Day, because obviously, David would be off work. For some reason though, the health care world doesn't recognize Columbus Day, and it actually snuck up on me! Anywho, we headed to Nashville Sunday night and ate the most amazing dinner at Stoney River. Now, David is normally the huge steak person. Me, I like steak, but its not do or die for me. However, after eating their coffee filet, I am totally hooked. It was hands down the best steak I have ever eaten!


The next morning, we headed to Gallitin Tennessee to meet up with Mike. It was a beautiful day for fishing and we had a ball. We started out fishing for the little guys, to create some interest, then moved on to the big boys. Here is David with some of his prize winning catches....

Here I am....bringing home dinner....



David caught one of the minnows...

This is Mike Davis...I highly recommend him for a fabulous day on the water!!

So David's next career, in case this photography thing goes south, will be professional fishing. He already has the interview down after a big catch! Check it out!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gover Reunion 2010

For those of you that don't know my mother, she is the queen of family reunions. She is always putting one together, which is a ton of work, so that our family can all get together and see each other. Most of the time, we only see these extended family members at reunions so, its nice to get together. I feel like by the time I am her age, family reunions will be hosted over Skype or something like that. Who knows though!! We had a beautiful day for it down by the river at Rhodes Ferry Park. Great time, great food and lots to discuss with family! Here are some shots from the day!

Me and Steven....who looks like a grown man...

The Reunion Queen....











Monday, October 11, 2010

Stevi and Brandon's Baby Shower

On Friday night, we went to Brandon and Stevi Price's baby shower. It was so nice and everything looked super cute! It was a couple's shower which made it even better and it was really low key and enjoyable for everyone. We had awesome food, some intense discussions, complements of Grant, and got to catch up with family and friends. A fun time was had by all!!

Courtney is showing off her awesome baby wrap...granted, I walked around with my hand under it all night for fear that the baby was going to fall out...

Me and baby Willow....

Love this...it says "My brother is a chocolate lab"



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Birthday Celebration Continues!

On Tuesday, David's actual birthday, we went down to Rick and Bubba for the show and then out to lunch with them afterwards. It was a super fun morning! To make it even better, one of David's lifelong hero's was in the studio that day....
He was running the 40 yard dash thing that they time for all the different mascots and such. Oh, and they brought yummy McDonalds food as well, so that was delicious....I tried one of the smoothies and it was really good!
Another great birthday for Mr. Higginbotham is in the books....



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The big 3-2

So David turned 32 a week or so ago, so I am obviously a little behind in my blogging. I know, I know, how have you survived without an update from the Higginbothams???? Even though 32 is not a "big" birthday, I still like doing fun stuff for the ol' ball and chain. So, I decided to do a little surprise party for David with his high school friends. The on Tuesday, we went down to Rick and Bubba and had lunch with them after the show. I obviously needed a little help with getting David to the surprise party, so Justin and Micah volunteered to help. Micah and I had a fake meeting after church and Justin and David rode together and we were going to meet up with them after we got finished. Well, we "faked" a flat tire so they would have to come to Magnolia street which is where the Casual Gourmet is and the party was being held...so Justin calls to let us know that after we sent the text message about the flat, David immediately changes, in an obvious panic, out of his church clothes into some old ratty clothes to come to our aid. The conversation with Justin then went something like this..

Justin: He's changing out of his clothes....
Anna: Well, stop him!!
Justin: I don't know how to without him knowing
Anna: Well this is great, he is going to look like a hobo at his party...
Justin: (Laughing) This is toooo good!

So, David shows up with his "Above the rim" shirt, which I am pretty sure is at least 15 years old, and holy blue jeans on. We all got a good laugh out of it.











Livin' life "Above the rim...."
Rick and Bubba post to follow!!

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