Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Austin's Homecoming 2011

Its hard to believe that my little nub is in high school...and went to his first homecoming...with a date! Kill me now! I will say that I really liked his little date though. She was a cutie and so sweet and well mannered. We decided to do a few pictures of them before the homecoming festivities started so we headed off to the Old State Bank Building. Please excuse my non professional photos. I tried to get David to come, but he had a paying gig...so I lost out on getting free professional photos made.



How many cameras do we need???

Love this one!

Monday, October 3, 2011

David's 33rd Birthday!

I just realized that it has been almost a month since I have had a post on here. Things have been rather crazy at the Higginbotham House. In the midst of the craziness, we celebrated David's 33rd birthday. He got lots of awesome new clothes from Banana Republic and Mountain High Outfitters...to see his big present, you will have to keep reading...


Yes I made him hold up all his presents...


And drum roll please.....

A trip to Washington DC!! He has been wanting to go and see all the museums and such. I on the other hand would rather poke my eyes out with a spoon, but it's his birthday, so Washington, here we come! (**Sidebar**-after speaking with one of my co-workers about her recent trip to Washington, she said I would actually like the museums..that they are not the boring kind of museums.**)

After presents, the birthday boy wanted a little breakfast at City Cafe...

Later on that evening, my mom had a little party for David at church with several of our friends...check out the gift that my mom gave David...

For those of you keeping score...that would be a woman's jacket. Funny story...my grandmothers birthday was that weekend and my mom had everyone's presents in her car. she brought in the wrong present and when David unwrapped his, this is what he saw....

He was confused when he saw the tag, and even more confused when he pulled it out. Vick about died of humiliation and we all got a huge laugh out of it. I think he wore it well though!



Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband!!!

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