Monday, March 30, 2009

Wii....a game for all ages

I know most of you think I must be getting paid by Nintendo as much as I talk about my Wii, but I am not. I just really like it and think that it is a good family gaming system to have. Steven came by to eat dinner with us on Friday night and we played a little Wii after dinner. Now, I am pretty good at bowling, but he beat me in all the other sports....we had a great time! This weekend was pretty busy for the Higginbotham's to say the least. David shot a wedding all day Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Athens to go to church with my grandmother and they headed out to the river with some friends. Needless to say that my huge box of huggable hangers off of QVC have still not made it out of the box. I am going to get to those closets eventually!! :)

Sedating the Dog...

Most of you know our baby, Wilson, is a yellow lab. To some him up, he is "special" in many ways. We have wondered if he has a little touch of OCD at times, because he does strange things...for instance: when we let him out the front door, if the mat is not perfectly straight with the door, he won't go out....and if there is something blocking him from touching the dining room carpet with his right front paw on the way out, he won't go either. Let's just pray if there is ever a fire in our house that the rug is straight and nothing is blocking the carpet...He also freaks out during rain/storms. So, we went to see our vet, Dr. Ashwander to see what could be done about this. He gave us some sedatives to give him, and told us that since Wilson was such an "active dog," (that is a nice way of saying NUTS coming from your vet) that we could give him 2. I am weird about pills, so we started off with one, and thank goodness. He was comatose 5 minutes into the night. He didn't want to get out of bed the next morning, and when he did get up, he was walking like a drunk....stiff legged and sideways. I felt so sorry for him, I took him to the river to play later on that day. (during the tornadoes mind you) I think he played me there a little at the end, because as soon as we got to the river, the drunk legs were gone and he was running around like crazy as usual. Oh well, it was nice to get out there anyway! So, the moral of this story...always start out with a low dose of sedatives....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Coupon Queen

Over the past several months, we have had a couple of transitions in our lives that have caused me to be a little more careful with our, its nothing dramatic, but I started this process when we needed it, and now that we don't need it , I am continuing it and it is really paying off. It is amazing to see how much money we really waste and it can all be prevented. I became the coupon/price match queen. Now, I know there are like a bazillion websites with helpful tips and hints and such, and some can be rather complex. My method of madness has been price matching/combining coupons. I tell you, once you get started doing this, its kind of like an see how much you can save the next time. So, what I would do, is get the Sunday paper and get all the ads from all the grocery stores. I would see what was on sale and then make a meal plan for the week. But instead of driving to 5 grocery stores, I would take everything to Walmart and get them to price match. Now, most people will price match like 3 or 4 things....I come in with 30-50 price match items and the cashiers all cuss when they see me coming and turn off their lights. However, I have saved hundreds of dollars doing this, so it is worth a little extra effort. I have even gotten to where I will price match and item and have a coupon for it and so Walmart ends up paying ME to take the item. Its pretty cool. David sent me a link today for a blog of some friends of his from Athens who do similar things and they have lots of good check them out. Oh, and don't be afraid to get in a stare down with Walmart personnel...they will eventually back down. :)

P90X....did you come from the devil??

So a couple of weeks ago, David and I decided to order P90X. For those of you that don't know, its an extreme fitness program and when they say extreme, they mean it! I am in my second week, and I am really enjoying/hating it all at the same time. It is really hard, but you can tell that things are starting to happen. I think the main thing is to just stick with it, even if you can't do every single move. Some of the moves they do on the videos...especially the men, are just not natural. I don't see how these people get theirselves into these positions, but I am trudging along with the best of them. So, if I complete my 90 days....I will have to post some pictures of the results! Has anyone out there tried P90X and had good results??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let me introduce you to.....

The World's Tiniest Sink
When David and I bought our house before we got married, I looked for major things, like, is it big enough...will my giant piano have its own room in here, is the neighborhood good....never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought to measure the sink and stove. I just thought, wow, I have a big kitchen....that is a bonus! Well, to my surprise, once we moved in and I had to wash the first dish, I realized how very important it is for you to check these things before you buy a house. I couldn't put the majority of my pots and pans in the sink because it was too redneck lady here was washing them in the bathtub. Talk about improvising! So, for 3 years, I have complained about my sink, and so David decided it was time to replace it. So, he and a couple of friends took on this project this weekend and did a wonderful job. The sink is AWESOME and I couldn't be happier. I could even stick my whole head down in it if I wanted to to wash my hair...(not that I wash my hair in the sink, but its nice to have the option!!!) So here are the progress pictures as well as the finished product. If any of you want to come over and wash your dishes in my new sink...come on in!! :)

Justin and David...assessing the situation...

Oh, I didn't get a picture of Scott and David working on the sink...but thanks to Scott as well!! :)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes you just want to slap someone...

I will admit that through my life I have not made all the best decisions in the world, or had the best attitude all the time like most people...but I feel like I have always tried to remember no matter how bad things got, that I was still very blessed. I mean, I know I posted earlier about my jeep, and yes it is frustrating, but I am very fortunate to have a car, a nice house, loving husband..etc. However, you come across people on a daily basis who can always find something negative, or are always looking out for what is best for them, or how they will look. That more than anything will make me want to take off the ol' earrings and smack somebody. I won't go into specifics, because it isn't appropriate, but we all need to realize that no matter how fabulous we think we are, or our life is, it can be taken away from you in an instant, so you should remember why you are here on this help other people. That is my rant for the night...I am working on my gentle spirit as you can tell.... :)

Which is better.....

A car that has been paid for for 3 years, that has its occasional problems, or a new car with a payment. I have debated this for a long time now. I LOVE my jeep, but truth be told, the past several months, its been in the shop more than it has been out. Nothing too major, $272.00 here, $300.00 there, so in my mind, its still less than a car payment every month. Not to mention that I get emotionally attached to my cars, which is weird I know...but we have been through alot together (yes, I am talking about my car). But each time I take it in, I swear to myself that I am going to get a new car so I don't have to deal with these problems...but then I think about all the months that go by where there are not any problems and I am not making a payment. Who know???? I don't know what do to. Any suggestions??

Friday, March 20, 2009

Huntsville Havoc Hockey!

On Thursday night, one of my bestest friends Meg invited David and I to go with them to the hockey game. I love some hockey...especially when they get in fights and slam each other into the walls. Well, Meg's Dad works for Pepsi and so they are a sponsor of the hockey games. They have the BEST seats, right on the floor next to the rink, so when people get slammed into the walls, we got to pound on the walls and yell at them...pretty exciting! Just a word to the wise, if you are sitting in these wonderful seats, always watch what is going on. I was not watching one particular time and they came and slammed into the wall right in front of us....I screamed out because it sounded like a freight train hitting the wall, and my water bottle went flying through the air due to the impact of the hit. Everyone got a chuckle out of it...I just tried to start my heartbeat back...all in all it was an awesome game. The Havoc won in overtime and it was very exciting!

Anytime Meg and I are together, we always have a great time. We were roommates in college, and have some of the wackiest stories about living on the 13th floor of Tutwiller at Alabama. I will share some of those later! Here are some shots from the night!

Me and Meg!!!


The mascot decided to put my sticker on my nose...not real sure why...

Meg and Weston...and who is that handsome fella in the background?? RONNIE!! :)

Me and David

Yeah...we both caught t-shirts...don't be jealous!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Family Birthday Fun

On Sunday night, we had David's family over for his dad's birthday. Its always an adventure to have everyone over at the same time because our house isn't meant to accommodate 7 children. Anyways, we had a great time and had dinner, birthday cake and then played a little Wii. David showed his parents how to play the Wii and they bowled 2 games and seemed to enjoy themselves. That is what I love about the Wii. It is ageless. I have seen 3 year olds play it all the way up to older people and everyone has fun. I have always been kind of anti video games because I think they take so much away from kids. We had video games growing up, but we were not allowed to sit inside all day and play them like most children do. Get outside...or do something else!! I can't stand it to see kids sit in front of the TV or computer all day long. That is what you will do when you are an adult for the rest of your life at work! Anyways, enough of my are some shots from the night!





Monday, March 16, 2009

Built Ford Tough Series

So my wonderful husband got me tickets for my birthday in December to the Built Ford Tough Professional Bull Riding. I was soooo excited! These are the big boys that are the best of the best in bull riding. If you haven't ever been to watch this, I highly recommend it. It is so much fun!! So, Saturday after the Huff and Puff, we headed out to the PBR in Birmingham. We had AWESOME seats! Second row, right in front of the bulls and behind the announcer. It was great! During the intermission though I came to a realization....people will do anything for something free, especially something that is being shot out of a cannon like structure. They had this truck that had this gun like thing on it that was spraying out stuff into the crowd that looked like money...I knew it wasn't money, but when the truck came in front of us, I too jumped up and stepped on young children in order to get whatever free piece of paper was flying through the air. Much to my disappointment, and the disappointment of thousands of others at the event, the paper being shot out wasn't money, but an, I have decided that they could shoot dog crap out into the crowd and we would all still knock each other down to get to it and complain that someone got more than we did. Why are we like that? If its free, I want two! :)

Here are a couple shots from the night..


Huff and Puff 2009

Let me start this post out with a warning...if you have a weak not look at the pictures below. They are of me...with no makeup on, after running 3.1 miles in the rain. So, there is the picture I have painted for you! Secondly, I would like to point out that I am a runner...but not like a real runner...I am a run in optimum 75 degree weather with a slight breeze runner. I am not a die hard, run in rain, snow, sleet and hail by any means. So, when I saw the forecast for this past weekend, I was hoping my other partner for the Huff and Puff would gracefully bow out and I could stay at home in the nice warm house. No such luck...and far be it from me to look like a way! So, Micah and I and her father decided to form a relay team for the Huff and Puff this year. Her dad Stan got sick, and had to bow out...(If only I had been that lucky). So, we had to split up the run, Micah, bless her heart doing 10K and I finished it off with the last 5K...thank goodness for her, because I would not have made it 10K. It RAINED the whole was awful! I think that is what motivated me to scoot along a little faster than I could get out of the rain! Long story short, we came in first place in the women's relay division....GO US!! Or, go Micah...she did all the hard work. Here are some shots from the event!!

Pre-race photo....


Am I smiling?? Yes, because I can see the finish line...and smell the pizza!!

My mother even came to stand out in the rain and watch us. How sweet!!

Two words....WET RATS!!

Here we are with our medals....I guess it was worth it to run in the rain!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Frazzled Female!!

As most of you know, I started attending a Bible study with a group of ladies...some I knew, others I didn't. It has been interesting to me to see how over the past couple of weeks, people begin to open up and share more and we have all gotten to know each other quite well. Last night, we watched this YouTube video called Cardboard Testimonies and it was amazing. I sat there and cried my eyes out...and watching it again this morning, did the same. It is a true example of God's love for us and shows us that no matter what has happened to you in your life, with God's grace and love, you can turn it around. Watch it and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Betty Sims...does it again!!

Last night, I attended my second Betty Sims cooking class and it was as fabulous as the first one!! This one was called Economical Entertaining and she did a wonderful job. I had to share this recipe with you all...because it is sooo simple and cheap and DELICIOUS!! When we ate these, I thought they were much more elaborate than what they were and I made a fool out of myself by eating like 5 of them...all the other dainty ladies just had one...well, pass your serving to me then!! :) So here goes...

Parmesan Puffs
1 loaf thin white bread
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated (use the real stuff)
1 medium onion, sliced in small pieces, placed in water to soak

Pre-heat oven to 400. Using a round biscuit cutter, cut out 30 rounds of bread. (She used small egg shaped cutters, so she got two out of each piece of bread). Mix mayonnaise and parmesan. Spread each round with mayo mixture. Place a small piece of onion on top. Bake in oven for 10 minutes or until beginning to brown. Serve hot.

This was SUPER delicious, and looked really elegant. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Portraits

On Sunday, we FINALLY had some family portraits made. Now I know you must all think that we take pictures of family all the time since David is a photographer...well, that whole theory of the "the cobblers children have no shoes..." well that applies to us. David stays so busy with all his photography, when he is at home, that is not the first thing on his mind. Anyways, I we had Gary Cosby come take pictures of our little family and he did a wonderful job. Gary and David have worked together for a long time and he also is David's second shooter at weddings. So we headed off down to the river, and tried to keep Wilson out of the water/mud for at least the first couple. I don't know if any of you were outside on Sunday, but it was quite possibly the windiest day ever! Not to mention, we had to deal with these huge bugs flying through the air and landing on was not a perfect photo day in the least, but we made the best of it. So, when you are looking at these pictures and thinking..."Did Anna not brush her hair before the photo shoot..." please remember there were hurricane force winds circling my head at all times! :) Here are some of our favorites from the day....




I actually think this one is my favorite! Wilson is the happiest when we are playing ball and even more happy when it is at the river!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

And They Call The Thing Rodeoooo!!!

Saturday night, our friends Brandon and Cheryl invited us to go to the Rodeo with them. We LOVE the rodeo/bull riding and so of course I was game! Brandon owns Outdoor Solutions and they provided the "Virgin Dirt" for the event, so they got some free tickets to the rodeo. If you want to hear more about the "Virgin Dirt" go to WAAY Channel 31's website and watch the video with them talking about the rodeo. Its a hoot!
So, we get there, and they go through all the events, which are pretty entertaining, but then comes the bull riding which is my absolute favorite. Now, I try to conduct myself in a manner that wouldn't embarrass my mother, but bull riding does something to me. I love watching it, but at the same time, when the riders get bucked off, I tense up to the point that I am physically sweating. And, as if they can hear me...I holler for them to get up, or move out of the way, because they clearly can't see that the bull is about to step on them, or grind them into the dirt. What I do like about the video below, is that Cheryl is the same way. However, she is not a screamer like, she does this weird pelvic thrust thing when the riders come off. Its strange, but, hey, who I am to judge. Anyway, we had an awesome time...thanks again to the Davis Family and Outdoor Solutions for the tickets. Oh, just a little Saturday, I am getting to use my birthday to the PBR in Birmingham (Professional Bull Riders). I am sooo excited, I can't wait!! If you have never been to an event like this before, I highly recommend it. You would be surprised at how much fun they are...I never would have thought I would like this kind of stuff but I LOVE IT!!


This is me and Cheryl making our calf faces....

Much more flattering....

The gang...

And the famous video....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Girl Photo Shoot

David has been kind and generous enough to be the photographer for the American Girl Fashion Show for Junior League that I am a member of. So, this morning, we headed off to the Country Club to take pictures of all the little models in their outfits that they will wear for the show. They had to have a fitting today to make sure everything would work for each model. So, we started at 8:30 this morning and then finished up about 1:30. We had a great day and the models were all very nice and photographed well. One in particular photographed extra well....our niece Kate. She is so pretty anyway, but she looked extra pretty today. For those of you with little ones that want to come to the show...we have several show times. You can get more information by going to

Me and Kate

Friday, March 6, 2009

So I've decided to keep my day job....

Last night I went to my second Carole Foret Wine and Paint workshop. It was really fun, and I enjoyed meeting lots of new people there. If you recall, my first painting was of ol' Bessy the Cow. I was quit impressed with the cow. Last night we did a Cajun themed painting and Carole even fixed red beans and rice for us. It was delicious!! We had to paint a pot of gumbo on the stove, some shrimp on the counter and a bottle of tabasco sauce. Maybe if I had to pick one of the elements to paint, I would have been a little more happy with it, but none the less, you can tell what everything is, so I guess I am going to chalk it up as a win. Carole is a great teacher and always is very good at explaining things which is nice....however, I realize a brain surgeon could explain to me how to operate on someones brain...that doesn't mean I could do it, or not kill the person....All in all though, it was great and I highly recommend her classes!!




Thursday, March 5, 2009

Painting part 2

Tonight I will be attending my second Carole Foret Wine and Paint night. If you recall, I had a super fun time at my first one, where Bessy the Cow made her introduction into this world. Tonight we will be painting some kind of Cajun themed food, which I am super excited about. I will post pictures when I get home hopefully if it turns out okay. If you have not ever been to one of Carole's classes, I highly recommend them. She is WONDERFUl and such a great teacher. Considering the fact that I can't draw stick people, she really did wonders with me last time! Check her out at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bowling...and not Wii Bowling

On Sunday night after church, David, myself, Micah and Justin decided to go do a little bowling. Now, mind you, we haven't "real bowled" in a long time and we have been "Wii bowling" a lot here lately! I am a Pro Bowler on the Wii and David has just reached that status...well, it obviously doesn't cross over to real life because I did horrible...and David rolled more gutter balls than I have ever seen. It was a little frustrating to me at know, with my wicked "second place is the first place looser" mentality...but then for some strange reason I kept thinking to myself...I could beat the dog out of all of them at Wii bowling. So, it lifted my spirits enough to have a good time. Oh, and my I highly recommend the food at the Madison Bowling Alley. I don't know if it was that I didn't eat very much for lunch or breakfast that day, but I was starving by the time we got there. That was the best semi-fresh deep fried food I have ever eaten in my life!! Bravo to the bowling alley cooks!!

David's face looks a little mad here....but I think he was just wait, he was mad. :)

Justin did really well that night...but I think it was because he did some kind of Chinese Voodoo bowing ritual to the ball before he picked it up each time.

Micah with her bright pink ball...oh wait, that was my ball....she kept stealing my ball and each time she did she got a strike...never worked for me though.

This is happy as I could possibly fake...since I was getting beat and all...

The gang...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Flashbacks Reunion

David played with a group called The Flashbacks for 8 years and last February stopped playing with them. His full time job plus his photography business were waaayyy too much with playing with them both weekend nights as well as practicing every Monday night. They have begged him to come back time and time again, and I don't know what he will end up doing. Anyways, this past Saturday night, they asked him to come play a reunion show at Yesterday' he did. He did a wonderful job as usual. I am always so proud of him because he is so talented in so many ways..with music being a huge talent of his. So here are some pictures from the night!



Oh...Justin and Micah came with us to the show...funny story..there was this lady sitting on the front row...and David started playing this song she goes like buck wild and stands up in front of God and everybody and does this weird cowboy lasso pelvic thrust dance move. We almost died, but for the rest of the night, and since then, that has become our signature dance move. It was awesome!! :)

Here is me and my mom...

If you ever need a band for a wedding or corporate event, birthday party, etc. I highly recommend the Flashbacks. They are very good and extremely entertaining... :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are SNOW retarded!

When the word SNOW is mentioned in Alabama, we all freak out like a bunch of crazed rednecks...rush all the grocery stores and buy up all the milk, bread and eggs. I have always thought this was odd for several reasons.

1. What exactly are you going to make with milk, bread and eggs....perhaps soggy egg sandwiches with a glass of milk??
2. If I am going to face the possibility of being snowed in, I could think of plenty of other things that i would rather have in my pantry than milk, bread and eggs.

But like most Alabama people, we ran outside this morning to play in the snow briefly before church. Thank goodness we did, because I was going to wait until after church to take some was ALL GONE by then! Super sad! So here are the Higginbotham's in the snow....

**Please note that after posing for this photo...which I had a hard time keeping my eyes open in, I had to go back inside and straighten my hair again. I wasn't out there but for like 2 seconds!!

I don't even know what to put for this picture...

These are my favorites of our sweet boy!




We enjoyed the snow!! See you again in 5 years!!

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