Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Christmas

After doing Christmas at our house, we headed to my Mother's for Christmas at her house. We typically eat breakfast over there and work on the Christmas puzzle which is from the devil this year. We typically do a 500 piece puzzle, but this years puzzle is 1500 pieces. I hate it. :) And it is really hard. Maybe we will have it finished by next Christmas. Anyways, after breakfast we opened gifts after a family portrait...

IMG_0888 (by alhiggy08)

Steven got an electric guitar from me and David...
IMG_0891 (by alhiggy08)

And a certificate for him to go to Nick Saban's Football Camp this summer....he was really excited about that one.
IMG_0893 (by alhiggy08)

Vick got 2 coffee mugs which I actually think were her favorite presents from me and from Steven...
IMG_0899 (by alhiggy08)

Steven and Gare playing his guitar....
IMG_0902 (by alhiggy08)

Uncle David giving some lessons
IMG_0904 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0907 (by alhiggy08)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whoops....I got out of order!

Oh well, try not to be traumatized that I posted birthday stuff before I finished our Christmas post. If you are truly offended by my lack of order, I suggest you not read my blog... :) Anywho, here goes. Christmas morning started out with David and I exchanging gifts. We set a budget this year, which was pointless because we both went over. But it was a good idea in theory. I guess we are banking on that whole, "you won't spend money on each other like this when you have kids thing" so excuse us for being a little frivolous. I guess that means we just love each other to pieces. :) Here are some shots of the morning, **Disclaimer** I have on no make-up so make sure you haven't eaten before looking at these photos!

Rachel Ray Cookware...
IMG_0811 (by alhiggy08)

My new footy things...pardon the butt shot.
IMG_0816 (by alhiggy08)

David's new Ipod Nike chip thingy
IMG_0817 (by alhiggy08)

My new deer feeder...super pumped about that!
IMG_0819 (by alhiggy08)

A coffee mug with a picture of me and Wilson on it for my husband who doesn't drink coffee....(I am getting like my mother with my random gifts)
IMG_0820 (by alhiggy08)

My apron, since I lost my other one...
IMG_0822 (by alhiggy08)

Flashlight thingy
IMG_0827 (by alhiggy08)

Ms. Lucy's cookbook
IMG_0828 (by alhiggy08)

Shower Ipod speaker set
IMG_0832 (by alhiggy08)

Ipod touch
IMG_0839 (by alhiggy08)

Wilson wondering when he was getting his gifts from Santa
IMG_0841 (by alhiggy08)

Long story behind this gift...David's face lotion stuff that he used was discontinued. However, I happened to find it at Big Lots and bought 12 containers of it....he should be good until 2015.
IMG_0850 (by alhiggy08)

My favorite movie of all time, Smokey and the Bandit poster
IMG_0864 (by alhiggy08)

Wilson getting his treats from Santa
IMG_0869 (by alhiggy08)

This just cracks me up...looks like he's smoking his bone.
IMG_0875 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0880 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0886 (by alhiggy08)

More Christmas to come!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Birthday Finale....

Wow what a great birthday I had this year! I know this may sound like a "duh moment" to most of you, but I had a realization today. Most of us, especially women, get to the age where we start hating our birthdays....I think it comes after age 23. We all dread getting a year older, getting a few more wrinkles, and loosing our "youth." While I was thinking about that this morning, the thought came into my head, "well at least I'm not dead." DUHH!!! Each year that I get older I should view as a blessing, because there are a lot of people, young and old that don't get to see their next birthday. So the point of my story....bring on the wrinkles!! Well, maybe I will still fight those, but I will have a different attitude about birthdays!!

Moving on to a less deep subject...last night, we went to dinner with Micah and Justin. The only picture I got from the evening was this one...
IMG_0960 (by alhiggy08)
Micah was doing "Fire Marshall Bill"

Today after work, David surprised me with my last gift, which was this....
IMG_0970 (by alhiggy08)
Yes I know I am 10 years old, but I am super excited about my new bike. I haven't had a new bike since I was....well, 10 years old. :) Guess it was time for one!

Then we headed off to Shogun, which I was super pumped about.
IMG_0974 (by alhiggy08)

Lastly, we made a trip by Huntsville Hospital, to see Mike and Lori's new baby boy who will share my birthday. He wasn't due until later on in January, but I told Lori if she had him on my birthday I would give her $100.00. Must have been some motivation, because he arrived this afternoon. She said she was starting his college fund with our gift and we are the first contributor!!
IMG_0976 (by alhiggy08)

All in all it was a wonderful birthday and my last gift from David is a cruise in February, so Mexico here I come! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes, phone calls and cards today! I am truly blessed!

My First Birthday Gift...

This morning, David woke me up to give me my first birthday gift of the day. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! He's so good to me! Its a Carole Foret Painting of the University of Alabama...she is amazing!! Check it out!

IMG_0964 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0966 (by alhiggy08)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at the Higginbotham's

On Christmas Eve, we go to Davids parents house for our annual Christmas gathering. We always have a nice dinner and open up presents. There is usually a phone call from Santa that happens each year which is pretty neat as well, and all the kids get to talk to him. This year was the first year that the adults drew names which I think worked out pretty well. After all, we don't need anything anyways. I would love for us to one year not buy anything for each other and sponsor an entire family. I think that would be a good lesson for the kids as well as the adults about helping those less fortunate than we are. I can remember doing things like that with my family growing up and those were events that stick out in my brain to this day. Could I tell you what I got for Christmas all the other years?? Nope....because it was meaningless gifts. The best gift of all is helping others and that is one of my favorite things about Christmastime. Here are some shots of the night...

IMG_0784 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0786 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0791 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0794 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0797 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0801 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0805 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0808 (by alhiggy08)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So much Christmas.... I have a lot to post about Christmas...I will break it up so it won't bore you to pieces. I have noticed that in reading some of the blogs that I typically read, that I have been ignoring their Christmas post because they were BORING....isn't that that being said, I will try to spice up my Christmas posts with all those embarrassing moments and scuffles that happen between family members, etc. Moving on....David and I exchange ornaments on Christmas Eve every year and it has always been a fun little tradition. For the last couple of years, I have bought David's ornament from that stand in the mall that personalizes the ornaments...buyer beware though...those things are expensive!!! But they are cute and they put the year and whatever else you want on the ornament. Anywho, here are some shots from the ornament swap...the more exciting post are yet to come!!

IMG_0777 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0779 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0781 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0782 (by alhiggy08)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

High School Memories

Last Sunday night, we got together in Athens with a group of David's high school friends. His group doesn't get together that often, so these gatherings are always interesting to me. For one, I can't ever figure out who's kids belong to whom and then there is always a new kid or two added to the mix. Yeah, that is how often they get together....anyways, we had a great night with lots of good food, and of course a walk down memory lane. They always talk about their high school memories and goofy things they do. One of which is hit each other in the crotch which should have lost its charm by now, however it hasn't. I hope for our future children's sake, that we don't get together again any time soon. Just kidding!! :)

IMG_0755 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0756 (by alhiggy08)

I was sitting in the recliner and couldn't get the feet thingy to go back under...David and Amy came over to help and still couldn't get it to go back down. They finally found the culprit...a football under the footrest...ah yes, that was the word I was looking for...footrest!
IMG_0759 (by alhiggy08)

I don't think we were ready....
IMG_0761 (by alhiggy08)

Much better...
IMG_0764 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0772 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0774 (by alhiggy08)

Dr. Barton is examining David's teeth...
IMG_0775 (by alhiggy08)

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