Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back door guests (bloggers) are the very best!

Hi everybody! It's Dave! I'll be guest blogging on Anna's behalf tonight!

Anna's family has a bit of a history of colon cancer so at her last physical her doctor referred her to have a colonoscopy. That's what her previous post was all about. You have to drink all that stuff to prep the canvas (if you will).

Now...let me be clear...colon cancer and other related problems are no laughing matter. We all have family and friends who have suffered with those horrible problems. However...there are many things related to a colonoscopy that are funny.

We started the day at The Surgery Center of Decatur. I thought it was in poor taste that they required colonoscopy patients to enter through the back door.


Anna was then taken back and prepped for the procedure. It took a couple of attempts to get that i.v. started....thus the "cold-damp-please don't vomit" towel on her forehead.


They took her back for the procedure and everything went extremely well. They found nothing of any concern so we're good on that end of things (so to speak).

Now the part of a colonoscopy that is so funny to me is the time in the recovery room post procedure. They fill the colon up with air during the procedure so they can see. When it's over....that air has to go somewhere. Yes....I am a 30 year old man. Yes....I realize this is part of a medical procedure. But I'm sorry....sitting in that room listening to all the wind being broke in the recovery bays around me....that's hilarious. If I live to be 110 years old that will still be funny to me.

We got nice pictures of the inside of Anna's colon too....bonus!


I added a little blur to the pictures to protect what's left of Anna's dignity.

Anna was "awake" almost immediately after coming back into the recovery room but she was high as an American Idol Season 8 Paula Abdul. Her memory has been pretty awful as well since the procedure. As of 9:00pm this evening I have had the same conversation with Anna about 6 times. Bless her heart.*

*The phrase "Bless her heart" absolves the author of all repercussions of making fun of his spouse in the preceding article.

Monday, June 29, 2009

So how was your night???

Mine can be summed up by these two photos below...
IMG_6958 (by alhiggy08)
IMG_6959 (by alhiggy08)

If you do not know what MoviPrep is, I highly recommend you google it. Oh, and by the way, there will be a guest blogger on my blog tomorrow, (Tuesday) so tune in for that. My lovely husband will be documenting this experience for everyone to see. I guess what goes around comes around....I posted pictures from his appendectomy so it is only fair. Tune in tomorrow for more!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

River Picnic!

On Saturday evening, we hoped in the boat with the Miller's...and Vick for a little bit (she wasn't feeling well) and had ourselves a little picnic on the river. Super fun! I don't know what it is, but every time we have gone out on the water this year, even when it is super sunny, the water has been so rough. We suffered through though and had a nice time out on the water. My mom grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, so we brought those along and zipped out for an evening of fun. Here are some shots from the day...
IMG_6946 (by alhiggy08)


(This is David jamming to his huge sound system...)


This is a shot of the folks taking the boat out after we finished for the day...I do not recommend watching this...scares the crap out of me every time!!
IMG_6953 (by alhiggy08)
Oh, one other thing I had to share. I don't know if all of you are familiar with the Beyonce song "Single Ladies" but there are like a million videos of people doing her dance on You Tube. Well move over professional dancers, because Dancing Dave is about to be one of her back-up dancers. This video is just a small clip of his extrodinary talent. I think I laugh harder at Micah laughing at David than anything. Enjoy!!

The Proposal

So David has been out of town for work for the past couple of days, so me and my mom went to see The Proposal last night. It was absolutely hilarious!! My witch cackle came out a couple of times during the show which I am sure annoyed everyone around me. Seriously though, girls and guys alike would love this movie. I know most guys think it is probably a lovey dovey movie, but it is not. I highly recommend it! So, who's up for a date night??? Head to the movies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes I know I am behind....

David and I went and ate at Ketchup for the first time. (So shoot me, we are not hip enough to try it the first week or first year they are open!!) I was a little skeptical because I had heard from a few people that it wasn't that good. Well, we got there and I ordered this burger called "The Father's Office Burger." It had carmelized onions, cheese and some sort of sauce on it. I am not a huge burger person, but for some reason that sounded good to me that day. It came with their signature french fries and so I started to dig in. Let me tell you that I probably embarrassed David the way I was eating. It was SOOOO good. I literally had the sauce running down my hands all the way to my elbows...and the worst part was I didn't care. That was the best burger I have ever eaten and the fries just made it even more delicious!! They bring you like 5 kinds of ketchup that they make from scratch too which was yummy! We will definately be back!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to God's Family!!

Yesterday, we got one of the greatest phone calls that you can ever get....our niece and nephew Noah and Kate decided to get baptized last night at 9:00. It was WONDERFUL! I was so glad that we got to share in that moment with them. They are both such mature young adults and I know that they will glorify God in all that they do. Congrats Noah and Kate...we are so proud of you!!

IMG_6941 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6943 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6944 (by alhiggy08)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Point Mallard Fun!!

So I kept the Higginbotham kids and took them for a fun filled day at Point Mallard. I guess I am a little too laid back because everyone but me thought it was a bad idea to take 4 kids by myself to Point Mallard. Well, duhhh...I wouldn't take just any 4 kids, but these kids are super well behaved and you only have to tell them once to do something, so it was a very easy day. It is amazing to me though to see how kids progress. Especially Tess...she was a little bit afraid of the waves at the beginning of the day, but by the end, I was having to call her back from running face first into them. All in all we had a great day. On the way home, they all fell asleep in the car, so I knew they had a good day too. Next outing....the RIVER!!!

Oh, on another side note, I must say that one of my husbands "dorky" purchases I have now fallen in love with....the underwater housing for our camera. He bought it for our honeymoon and I thought it was a total waste of money and too expensive. However, it is wonderful because you can actually go underwater with it or just take it to the pool and not have to worry about water getting on your camera. Anywho...thanks again to my husband and his infinite wisdom of knowing what we really need. :)

IMG_6898 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6899 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6905 (by alhiggy08)

This is actually my favorite picture from the day...they were having so much fun!
IMG_6908 (by alhiggy08)

Tess didn't really get the concept of "slide on your butt."
IMG_6912 (by alhiggy08)

Not sure what Bree's peace sign is all about.
IMG_6914 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6915 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6920 (by alhiggy08)
IMG_6922 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6923 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6925 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6928 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6930 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6931 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6932 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6933 (by alhiggy08)

Happy Fathers Day...

WilsonandMeAtRiver.jpg (by alhiggy08)

SundayMorningSnow-004.jpg (by alhiggy08)
To David!!! Thanks for being the best daddy ever...for taking me on car rides, to the river, playing ball with me and letting me sleep in the bed with you.

Love you!

IMG_5610.JPG (by alhiggy08)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Night Downtown!!

If you missed Bank Street Unplugged, you missed a rocking good time. The event started at 6:00...I thought it was at 7:00, so when I got home and David was zipping around the house so quickly, I wondered what all the rush was for...well, I ended up leaving with wet hair and no make-up. Anyways, we had a great time, minus the fact that at the beginning it was boiling lava hot. We all sat in the shade, but poor David and Lori had to sit in the sun. I felt so bad for them, but they did a great job.

IMG_6937 (by alhiggy08)

As the evening went on, the sun went down, and it was really pleasant.
IMG_6938 (by alhiggy08)

They have asked David and Lori to play together again at the event in August, so I will post more details soon. The video below is from the news coverage of the event. David filmed it off the TV, and he is talking to Wilson at the beginning of the video, so that is what that weirdness is all about! Oh, and at the end of the video...that's me sitting on the back of that big white truck....nothing says classy like a concert being watched from a truck bed!

Untitled from David Higginbotham on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Night Fun!!

Come see THIS GUY (who was acting like a goofy wedding singer) on Friday night on Bank Street!!
IMG_6894 (by alhiggy08)

David and Lori have been asked to play together on Bank Street on Friday night for a downtown event where all the stores downtown will be opened. The event starts at 6:00, but they will play from 7:00-9:00 in front of Mimi's Pottery. Come by and see them...I heard them practicing last night and you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Well you would walk into hell....

And spit in the devil's face." Yes, that was a quote someone told me one day...describing me. I take it as a complement. :) Tonight in class, while I was obviously paying attention....I got to thinking about all the challenges that come our way in life, those that are brought on by ourselves, and those that are brought on by others. I am extremely competitive, as we all know from the great bowling dates David and I have, but I think that I put weird pressures on myself for goofy things. Its almost like if someone tells me that I can't do something I will just about kill myself to accomplish it. (I am working on one of those things right now, more to come on that in July, if I don't keel over in the process) It is odd to me though how some people are motivated. I know there are some people that are motivated by the desire for perfection, some people are motivated just to get by, others are motivated out of fear, and for some reason, I am motivated by someone telling me I can't do something...anyways, sorry for the rant, just thought I would share. I wish someone would tell me that I couldn't lose 20 pounds! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't worry honey....I'll do the heavy lifting

David was instructed by his surgeon not to lift anything more than 25 pounds, which sounds like a lot, but in actuality, it is not much at all. So, I have had to lift all the heavy stuff. It was funny the other day we were in Target and I was carrying a HUGE bag of dog food around the store and I think David was carrying a box of Kleenex....he said, "People must think I am the biggest jerk making my wife carry the heavy stuff!" And again tonight, we had a photo shoot, and I was carrying the huge bags and batteries and stuff...I can't wait for him to be able to lift all that stuff again...its exhausting!! We shot the cutest family tonight (I will post some shots from it later) and the little girl would smile big only when I was hitting David on the head with a flip flop...it was nice therapy for me! Hope everyone enjoyed this lovely summer day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bargain Bob Bites Me In The Butt...

So as most of you know I am a big coupon clipper/ad scanner for my groceries. I have started cooking Pork Tenderloin a good bit with one of Betty Sims AMAZING recipes and have served it for a couple dinner parties and then just to David as well. It can be a little pricey, like $4.00 or more a pound...and I try to find it on sale whenever I can. So, I was super pumped when I saw that Publix had it on sale for $1.99 a pound. I made David rush out with me on Saturday night at like 9:00 to get some because the sale ended the next day....what I was expecting to get was this.....

However, when we got there, what I found was this.....

Well, not actually that...but it was a 20 pound pork loin.... Now what in the world am I going to do with one piece of meat that is 20 pounds....I guess invite everyone I know over to eat. I thought it was a little misleading because the picture in the ad was the small pork loin that I have above...bummer....that is how they get you though...next time I am going to call ahead to see if there is a 20 pound minimum like there was this time. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahhh....All Is Right With The World!

Saturday was the first day that David and I got to go out in the boat this year....yes I know it is the middle of June, but with work, school and David's Surgery...things have been a little crazy. We decided to keep the boat for 6 months at The Brickyard in Decatur. They are super nice people and they take really good care of your boat. It is a very simple process...you call, tell them you are coming and they put your boat in the water, gas it up and you are ready to go. When you finish, you park it at the dock and leave it and they put it up. Talk about spoiled!! Its a little pricey especially for a coupon clipper like me, but well worth it for busy people that don't have all day every weekend to go out on a boat. So we went to our favorite spot out close to Point Mallard, but away from all the other boats, I listened to my professors lecture on the IPod and David read one of his photography magazines...and then we went to the Hard Dock for a lovely lunch. I haven't eaten there in forever and it was really good. After that, we headed back in, like old people, had to take a nap after our exhausting day, and then doodled at home for the rest of the evening, minus a trip to Publix which will be a whole other post. Here are some shots from our day!!

This is David at the Brickyard....
IMG_6886 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6887 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6888 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6889 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6890 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_6892 (by alhiggy08)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm trying not to be a Material Girl!

There are very few possessions that I have that I am particular about....one would be my dishes and the other would be my boat. I had an experience this week that made me realize that I am a psycho. Well, I guess I should start off with a little history. I bought my boat when I graduated from college instead of doing something responsible, like buying a house. (Much better idea to move home with Mom so you can afford a nice boat) Anywho, I babied that boat, washed it every time it went into the water, cleaned the seats, the whole 9 yards. After all, it was the most expensive thing I owned. Anywho, I get really nervous when I am putting it in the water, pulling it, etc. I am always afraid something is going to happen to it...and more for the fact that it would be something stupid that I did on my part, like forget to put the plug in. I digress...I am really trying, and I have decided that it is insured, so what is the big deal...and really, it's God's boat, not mine, so I shouldn't fret about it. That brings me to my next experience. My friend Justin borrowed some of my pewter serving trays and a couple of my glass pitchers for a breakfast he was doing. I went over some basic ground rules with him, because boys don't know not to put these items in the dishwasher...etc. Well, David put the fear of God in him that if something happened to my dishes he better watch out. I on the other hand just wanted to let him know what not to do with them because they scratch easily, etc. Not that big of a deal I thought. Well his breakfast was on Tuesday, and he called me yesterday, which was Friday to FINALLY tell me that he had been searching all over to find me a replacement pitcher because he broke one of mine and he was so sorry, and was planning his on funeral. I felt like absolute dirt. My own friend was scared to call me because of an accident. I told him it wasn't a big deal that I had bought like 10 of those pitchers at Michael's one day when they were on sale for $4.00 each and I had plenty, but he was really afraid to tell me. Now, the part of this story that makes me so upset is that there are some people we know that are the most materialistic people in the world...they value ALL of their possessions more than people or anything else and it infuriates me. I swore I would never be like that and for the most part, I have no problem or don't even think twice about letting someone borrow anything of mine. Obviously in these two areas I still need some work...so, if any of you need to borrow my dishes or boat...let me know. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Little Dancing Queen!!

Tonight was our niece Kate's dance recital...I couldn't go....guess why....I was in class, but David went and took some great pictures of Kate. She is so talented and graceful and does such a good job with her dancing. Their performance was at the Von Braun and David said there were like a bazillion dancers there. Here are some shots from the night....we are so proud of you Kate!!!






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