Friday, March 30, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had a very busy Valentine's Day weekend and week of this year! I hosted our Young Married's Class Valentine's Party at The Casual Gourmet which was fantastic. We had delicious food and lots of laughs! I wasn't sure how this one game would go that I had planned, but it was a hoot! I had two tables covered up and there were items on each table. There were two teams of guys, one dresser and one helper. Once the cloths were removed from the table, they were instructed that they had 3 minutes to get dressed and use each product on the table. Its hilarious to me that guys have no idea what make-up goes where, so needless to say, we had a few laughs!!









For our Valentine's Day, I had a little surprise planned for David. We stayed at the Westin, had dinner at Conner's Steakhouse and then I gave him a VIP backstage pass and tickets to Dave Barnes Concert in Nashville in April! He was really excited. Then on Valentine's Day, he cooked me a fantastic dinner, and gave me a fishing kayak, and cooking classes at Williams Sonoma which I am super pumped about. All in all, another great Valentine's Day!




Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Phi Mu Superfriends Take New Orleans

This seems like forty-forevers ago, but was actually just in January. One of our two lovely Phi Mu brides had a bachelorette party in New Orleans. So, we all headed down to the Big Easy on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. The food was fabulous, but the friends were even better! I don't know what we are going to do once everyone is married and we don't do these elaborate trips together anymore! It will be super sad I'm sure! We started off the weekend with a little welcome reception in the room where we got the bride some of the essentials she would need for the weekend....




We had a little lingerie shower in the room and then it was off to dinner...




Every bride to be must ride a mechanical bull if you stumble upon one right??

In case you have forgotten, the open mouth dance photo made an appearance at Caroline's wedding...good to know the trend has caught on...


I can't remember for the life of me where we had brunch but this oyster dish was delicious!





I'm sure every person from Decatur in New Orleans stops and has their picture made here...


It was a great trip, but I realized a few things on the trip. First, that New Orleans is the portal to hell...and secondly, watch out or you might get sold into the sex traffic industry....Seriously....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mother/Daughter Deer Hunt

Since I am so far behind on my blog, I can't even remember when we did was sometime in the beginning of January I think. Anywho, I had the opportunity to take Vick on a Mother/Daughter Deer Hunt that was sponsored by Outdoor Alabama. We had the honor of hunting at the M.B. Lawley Forever Wild Field Area down below Tuscaloosa. When we got there, we were told only politicians and football players get to hunt there so we felt pretty special! :) Vick was a little concerned about the actual hunting part because she is not a fan of killing anything. I told her that it was not a requirement to shoot anything and that we would actually be lucky if we saw something. We went to sight in our guns and she wasn't going to participate. I told her that she didn't have to, but if she ever had the desire to learn how to shoot a rifle and shoot it properly ,this was the time to do it. There were plenty of experts there, including our field guide, which more on him here we are in doing a little shooting. She was a total natural and nailed her target! So proud!!





Back to our guide...he was super nice. I think he might have been a little sweet on Vick... :) They got along really well and he was really kind and patient. Anywho, on our way out to the stand, I had preached to her about how you can't talk at all, can't pee, so she better not drink anything, being super quiet and still, etc. As soon as we get out there, our guide decides to take a potty break, and is talking so loud he was about to wake the dead. So, him and Vick and he-hawing and I'm trying to actually hunt!! He said that we could talk and it would be fine because the deer would come out on the other side of the field. He was correct about that one! We saw 4 deer, but they were on the opposite side of the field and it was a really long shot. I decided to pass on the shot for fear that I would just injure one. Anyways, after the hunt we headed back in and ate more fabulous catfish and chicken stew! It was a fabulous day and I look forward to going again!

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