Wednesday, September 30, 2009

David's Birthday

So Monday was David's birthday and it wasn't really that great of a day...I felt sorry for him! We had John Burnett's funeral and he also found out that day about Gary Cosby's son passing away, not to mention I had Junior League that night, so he was by himself for awhile. But, we made the best of it...I grilled steaks, cooked baked potatoes and bread and then I had ordered some cupcakes from The Corner Bakery too. They were amazing by the way. David is a hard person to shop for because he doesn't really have any hobbies, and never really asks for anything. However, he did mention a new camera that he wanted so, I consulted with Gary Cosby and he advised me to wait for the new upgrade to come out in October and order it then. So, I got him a giftcard to B&H photo for the amount of the camera so he can get it in October. It seems as the years go by its harder to get presents for a significant other, or maybe that is just in my head. We are both the type of people that if we want something, we typically just buy it for ourselves within reason. Who knows. I already got my birthday present for my birthday in December....David is taking me on a cruise on the new ship that is coming to Mobile....ya'll know I LOVE some cruises!!! Can't wait for that to get here!! Here are some shots from the birthday evening....the big 31!!

IMG_7423 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7424 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7427 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7429 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7435 (by alhiggy08)

Where have we been?? Here's where!!

MOBILE!! David and I went to Mobile late Thursday night to prepare for a photo shoot for the Mobile Bay Bride Magazine. If you remember, David did a shoot for this last year that was with the Mobile Bay Bears Baseball Team and the bridesmaids shoot. So, what does frizzy hair, thousands of dollars of dresses, and alligators have in common? Well I can't tell all the details, but we were at this AMAZING location, and while we were shooting with beautiful gowns and models, we had to keep an eye out for these...
MBB092509-0371 (by alhiggy08)
Let me just tell you, I think that the alligator is right up there with poisonous snakes for me. I can't stand them!! And they were all over the place.
MBB092509-0374 (by alhiggy08)
Anyways, ya'll know that I am not big on labels and actually prefer a good bargain on clothing, but there was this one dress, it was a Vera Wang gown, and I told David that when we renew our vows, I am wearing that dress. Granted, I could buy a used car for the same price, but I fell in love with it. The issue comes out in January, and I will post the pictures on my blog for all to see. It was also great getting to spend some time with one of my best friends, Lawren, and see baby Lucy's nursery!
MBB092509-0383 (by alhiggy08)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life's Journey

Today, we are very sad at the passing of Reece Cosby. Reece was the 2-year-old son of Gary and Patty Cosby that are dear friends of ours. If you remember, Cosby is David's second shooter, one of the photographers for our wedding and truly one of David's closest friends and mentor. David called me today to let me know that Gary had found Reece unresponsive in his bed on Sunday morning. I was so sick to my stomach I thought I might throw up. I went to take food to them today and was greeted with the strangest sight...two parents who lost there child basically 24 hours ago, who were talking about God's grace, and being able to see Reece walking in heaven both who had such a peace about them I didn't know what to do. I broke down into tears, all the while, they were the strong ones. You MUST read Cosby's blog that he just posted about Reece. What faith in the Almighty they have. Please pray for their family in the days and weeks to come as this journey I am sure will become more difficult. Leave him a comment of support too!! You can link to his blog here...

Happy Birthday to David!!

Today, my wonderful husband turns 31 years old. If you will remember from last year...

080811_hig(back)jp.jpg (by alhiggy08)

080811_higcardjp.jpg (by alhiggy08)

We had one kickin' birthday party for the birthday boy. Now, this year may not be as glamorous, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!! David is the most kind and caring husband a girl could ever ask for and I thank God every day for him. I hope he has a wonderful birthday and we share many more together!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where have we been??

I'll give you a involves my hair frizzing beyond belief, thousand dollar bridal gowns, alligators and Papa Johns Pizza....more to come!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big Announcement!!!!!!

DHP_0637 (by alhiggy08)

So remember a couple of post back when I was having some major anxiety...well, it was over this beautiful piece of property. Its a long story, and I won't bore you with the details, but David and I just closed on 2 lots on the river!!! We are so excited, I guess me more than him. It is amazing out there and I absolutely love it! We are looking at putting a shack out there sometime in the very near future, so stay tuned for progress on the lots.

DHP_0591 (by alhiggy08)

DHP_0595 (by alhiggy08)

DHP_0604 (by alhiggy08)

DHP_0603 (by alhiggy08)

DHP_0614 (by alhiggy08)

DHP_0620 (by alhiggy08)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congrats to David!!

One of David's photos made NASA's "Image of the Day" and it has been picked up by a couple of magazines. Check it out here.... I told him it looked like there were ghosts under it...he said it's thrusters were on...who knew?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

River Time!


Last night, David and I drove out to the river to put up some No Trespassing Signs, take a few pictures and then head back home. The reasons for the no trespassing signs is someone is fishing on Buzzy's dock out there regularly, and we noticed it again this weekend when Steven, my mom and I went fishing out there. They left some stink bait which I have never seen before, and never hope to see again. When Steven opened the lid, the smell almost made me pass out...hence the name, STINKBAIT. But he had a good time playing with the stuff, while we sat as far away from him as possible and still gagged. I just thought I would share this beautiful picture with you. I love being out at the river for many reasons, but mainly because it is such a wonderful reminder of what God has created for us here on earth. I think its one of the prettiest places around!! We topped off the night with dinner at Catfish Cabin and David got a milk shake from Kreme Delight....good times at the Higginbotham House!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's in YOUR closet?

David and I are having a group of people over from church tomorrow for lunch. So, its 8:58 on Saturday night and we are in clean sweep mode. The difference between my cleaning and David's cleaning is that I am more of a "stash it for now, we will deal with it later..." and David is more of a "I can't take this crap falling on my head out of the closet any longer!" So, we compromise...he organizes closets, pantry's, etc., and I stash in the other closets and places that he is not looking. So, I had to stop mid cleaning, to post these pictures. These are a few of the treasures that David found in our entry way closet, you know, the closet that is only suppose to hold your coats and the coats and purses of guests in your house....check these out...
IMG_7419 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7420 (by alhiggy08)

Yes folks, that would be a silver shirt so bright you feel like you are staring at the sun, some strange hat neither of us have ever worn, an inflated pumpkin and a can of de-icer. So...what's in your closet??

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Wedding Closet

IMG_7418 (by alhiggy08)

When David I moved into this house, we were amazed at this huge storage/pantry area that we had in this house. It was a room, probably 8 feet long lined from floor to ceiling with shelves. When we first looked at this house I thought, "We don't have enough stuff to fill that thing up..." Then came the wedding. David and I were extremely blessed to have more than 10 wedding showers, so needless to say, the ol' wedding closet filled up fast. Now, one thing we disagreed on was whether or not to take back duplicate gifts. For the most part we did, but some items I insisted on keeping even though we already had one. For instance toasters. Needless to say, we received several toasters. Now, I did take several of them back, but also kept a few of them. Which brings me to my next point. Yesterday, my handy toaster from college, which I have had for 8 years quit working. I eat pop-tarts every morning, so as you can tell, this put an immediate kink in my day. What to do? Head off to the wedding closet to retrieve one of the brand new toasters waiting on me. So, there was no delay in breakfast, except trying to figure out how to work this fancy one, and all was well. So the moral to the story is, keep some of those duplicate wedding items, because one day you will be cutting it close on getting to work when your toaster breaks. Oh, and on a side note, we will not have to purchase another toaster until 2032 based on my calculations.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Be Anxious For Nothing....

IMG_4427 (by alhiggy08)

but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Phillipians 4:6

So, I feel a little selfish for what I have been being anxious about...and I am trying to remember, that:
1. Its all part of God's plan, which ever way it goes
2. Worse things in the world could happen

I won't elaborate too much until we know something, but I feel a little selfish for even worrying about this. We have been working on something for awhile at the Higginbotham House and are so close to hopefully having it all work out, but there always seems to be a little bump in the road. I have been really stressed about it lately, and then I feel like a total psycho for even worrying about it because in the big picture, its really not that big of a deal. So many people are anxious waiting on test results, praying for babies, deaths of loved ones, that I feel really guilty for having as much anxiety about this tiny issue as I do. I guess its just human nature though. So ya'll throw up a few prayers for me that this will all work out, but even if it doesn't that I don't have a melt down. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm So Famous...I'm Writing Guest Blogs.... :)

Last week, one of David's colleagues and second shooter went on vacation. Now his blog is one of those that has faithful readers, and must have a post every day. So, when he goes out of town, he gets guest bloggers to write for him while he is away. I decided to write a little blog for him about being a photographer's wife, the ups and downs, the ability to remove zits, enhance some areas, and decrease can check it out here if you are interested. It was neat getting to write on someones blog besides my own!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Old Memories...

While looking through an old hard drive, I found some of these old pictures from a ballgame where the Phi Mu Superfriends had an awesome weekend. It is so funny to me how even things that happened 2 years ago seem like forever. Time sure does fly! Oh, and those late nights...they get fewer and fewer for this old here are a few shots of a wonderful weekend!!
I also have a gripe to share as well. I know that stereotypes are out there for a reason...mostly because they have some truth to them. People always joke about being in a sorority and "buying" your friends which has always irritated me a good bit. Now yes, I understand that if I had not gone Phi Mu, I probably would not have gotten to be such good friends with all my girls. But all that did was put us didn't make us friends. We all formed such a wonderful bond and friendship together that you don't find with many other people. I am blessed to have these ladies in my life and hope we continue to stay as close as we are now forever. So yes technically, I bought my friends, but looking back, I would have paid 10 times as much them!! :)

IMG_4262 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4263 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4267 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4268 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4269 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4276 (by alhiggy08)

The Family Reunion

A couple of weeks ago we had our family reunion on my Mom's side. Now I will say this for my mother...she is the queen of family always in charge and always does all the work. I know that she probably doesn't get thanked enough for putting these things together, but we should all thank her more. I feel like people in my generation are not going to carry on the family reunion tradition as much. Granted, by the time we are old enough to be putting them together, we will probably have like Skype family reunions or something like that. Who knows. We also celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday that day as well...well, she will have a formal party in October, but this one was for the entire family to be there. Here are some shots from the day!

IMG_7374 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7375 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7377 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7380 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_7383 (by alhiggy08)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The First Home Game...

So Saturday, we jetted off to Tuscaloosa for the first home game. I will clarify...David jetted, while I limped my way to the car and the stadium. Cristi and I had done our long run that morning at 5:45 a.m. and my knees felt like a 90 year old lady....anyways, we got down there and met up with all of our old friends that we haven't seen since the Auburn game. It was really a fun time. And the big moment....the unveiling of the "THE DRESS." I don't know if ya'll remember or not, but about a year ago I started on a dress for Emily, Jennifer's little girl and our first Phi Mu baby. Well, a year later, it was finished and she got to wear it to the first game. Then next year, baby Lucy, Lawren's little girl, will wear it to her first BAMA game and so on and so forth. Kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...but with a dress! We had a great time at the game, minus the 1st half, (what team was that?) and then we headed back to good ole Decatur to sit with eyes half open at church this morning. On a better note, my knees are feeling much better today, but I am breaking down and going to Fleet Feet where I am sure I will spend no less than $300.00 on fixing my knee problem. The price of victory I guess!! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Me and David at the tailgate..
IMG_7384 (by alhiggy08)

Emily changing into the Phi Mu baby girl dress!
IMG_7385 (by alhiggy08)

I think she likes it!
IMG_7390 (by alhiggy08)

Emily and Aunt Anna....
IMG_7394 (by alhiggy08)

Me, Jen and Emily
IMG_7396 (by alhiggy08)

David and Emily
IMG_7397 (by alhiggy08)

Scott and Shawna dropped by to see us at the tailgate...
IMG_7398 (by alhiggy08)

The Pierce Family
IMG_7399 (by alhiggy08)

Me and Melanie!
IMG_7414 (by alhiggy08)

And Ginger came by too!
IMG_7417 (by alhiggy08)

It was so good to see all our friends and family this weekend! Roll Tide!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Great Canoe Story of 2007

Stick with me folks...this may be long, but well worth the read!! The other night, we went to a little party with friends, and our famous "Canoe Story" came up. It got me thinking about that infamous day in October of when I came across the pictures from that day, I had to post them....if you are still unsure about reading this...maybe this picture will entice you...
IMG_4424 (by alhiggy08)
Interested yet??? I'll continue....
David and I had decided to take our new (new to us) canoe out on the river, grill hot dogs, and listen to the BAMA game. We decided to take Wilson out for his very first ride in a canoe...we were skeptical, so when we went out, all of our good stuff, phones, wallets, etc, were carefully secured in plastic bags, because we just KNEW we were going to topple over. Well, much to our surprise, he does wonderful...sits up front like a champ, and all is well....
IMG_4396 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4400 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4406 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4408 (by alhiggy08)
So we get back to shore, and I decide after eating, that I am going to go out for a little spin by myself...
IMG_4419 (by alhiggy08)

Then David decides he is going to go out by himself as well...much to Wilson's disapproval....
IMG_4420 (by alhiggy08)

This is when the fun begins...Wilson and I are sitting on the shore watching David paddle around. He had gone out as far as he was going to go and was turning around. At that moment he learned a valuable lesson about canoeing. When you are turning sharply against swift current don't do it too fast. All of a sudden we see him fly out of the canoe and into the water, with the canoe turning over...I freaked out....he is REALLLY far away and I can't remember if he had on a life jacket or not. At this moment, it seemed like the current of the river just picked up....he yells back that he is fine, but even as hard as he is swimming, he and the canoe are not getting close to the shore. Fearing that he will end up 2 miles downstream, I am trying to figure out what to do next. Now, I am going to paint a mental picture for you that I wouldn't do for most...but to get the full affect of the story, I must. Let's just say I had on my "river canoe clothes" so there were no cute panty sets involved in this story. I was fully clothed and thought, there is no way for me to swim all the way out there to him and pull the canoe back in with all my clothes on...I will probably drown half way I do what any other Southern Lady would do...strip down to my bra and granny panties and go after my man!!! (Looking back now, the panties probably should have come off too...they were pretty heavy when they were full of water!!) So, I go swimming out to David, meanwhile Wilson is about to chew his leg off because I have tied him to the dock, and we pull the canoe, full of water, back in. Poor David had never been so tired in his life...he collapsed on the dock....
IMG_4422 (by alhiggy08)
Wilson, on the other hand, looked at us with that look of, "If I had been in the boat, none of this would have ever happened...
IMG_4423 (by alhiggy08)
And the rest is history. I will say, that I have searched You Tube just knowing that someone on the river that day witnessed my Baywatch Granny Panty Rescue and video taped it...I haven't seen it yet though....

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