Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Dock Building....

For any of you that know us, you know we are not handy people. David and I don't possess natural construction skills to say the least. So, what do we do when we need to build a dock? Employee the skills of our construction talented family. Child labor??? We are for it....unsafe working conditions?? problem for us....frigid cold??...put on a coat and lets get to work! Our family will probably not want to see us for about a year after all the togetherness we have had the past 3 weekends. I will say that the Lord blessed us on the first weekend with freakishly high temperatures. So, we were out in the mud digging holes in 60 degree weather which was really nice. That night when we got home, we doped ourselves up on advil and went to bed at 8:00. Then we headed out the next day to do it all over are shots from the first weekend...


Little lunch break....






Weekend two was awful. I mean, awful...that white stuff in the photos....yeah..that is snow. BRRRRR!!!!!




We are getting close to finishing!! More photos to come!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hunting at Bubba's

A couple weekends ago, Bubba had invited David and I down to his hunting camp for the weekend. So, we loaded up after work on Friday and headed down south. When we got there, we unloaded enough stuff for a week, and settled in for the night. The alarm went off bright and early at 4:30 and we all headed out for the morning hunt. We saw a turkey and a one deer as we were getting out of the shooting house, but nothing after that. So, back to the house we went for a yummy lunch and a quick nap. The Saturday afternoon hunt was much more eventful. As we walked to the shooting house, we jumped a doe and a buck...before we had even sat down, we saw 3 more doe coming down the hill. This house had alot more action than what we had seen before. Of course, just my luck, it starts getting dark and boy do the deer start coming out. At one time, we had at least 5 deer on the field in front of us. I was trying to decide which one to shoot!! However, mother nature was not on my side because it was a little too dark in my opinion to take a safe shot, and I wanted to make sure that I didn't shoot a small buck on accident. So, we decided to call it a night and not shoot anything, with hopes of seeing more in the such luck though!! We didn't see squat. But all in all, we had an awesome time with some great people and wonderful fellowship! The deer beat us one more time!! :)








Just call me Nancy Kerrigan

Back in the day, when our ice rink was only opened during the cold months, I took lessons. I would love to find some of the pictures from then because nothing says cute like a tutu on ice. Anywho, I haven't been ice skating in forever! We invited the Millers to go out and off we went to Point Mallard. I had a ball!! And talk about great is awesome! Justin and Micah had fun as well...and as you can see, Justin is the next Nancy Kerrigan....
The wall was his best friend that night. We rounded off the night with a second trip to Longhorn Steakhouse for desert....we just ate dinner there before we went to skate, so we looked like total fatties going in there for a second time that evening. It was a great evening and a good time was had by all. :)



David and Micah getting "checked" into the glass...




The Great Blizzard of 2010

For those of you keeping up, yes, I am really behind in my blogging....considering its February 2011 and I am still in 2010. At least my post will be different from everyone elses though!! :) Anywho, we had a HUGE snowstorm here in Alabama. For all of my northern readers, please disregard some of my comments related to this snow storm and try not to spit out your coffee when I tell you we were almost shut down for an entire week for 8 inches of snow. I know, I know....ya'll had like 8 feet, but its all relative here. If you came down to Alabama say, in June, when we are getting into the high 90 degree temperatures, we wouldn't laugh at you for having a heat stroke...moving we played in the snow for days and had a ball. We went to one of the biggest hills in Decatur, which I cannot name, because we could possibly go to jail...but we had a blast! I did a little redneck snowboarding, on boogie boards which was all we had, but they did the trick.

We took some photos out in the snow and played with the pup a good bit. We hung out with the Claborns for most of the day on Monday and did a little redneck tubing...



I was dying to see what the river lot looked like, so I braved the roads and ventured out there! It was beautiful as usual!


Lots of deer tracks in the yard...


All in all, the snow was great. I was ready to see it go though. That's why I live in Alabama...snow isn't really my thing...I prefer it to be 90 degrees in the shade. From what the ol' timers are saying we will have another big snow storm before spring! For once, I hope they are wrong!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Quote Board


We have a quote board on our refrigerator that has been the source of many a laugh at the Higginbotham house. You pray that something you say isn't stupid enough to make the quote board because if it is, it will be up there for a year. I am going to tell a few of the stories behind some of the sayings on the board...some will just have to remain private at the Higginbotham House....

"Honey Glazed Chicken Legs, that's my dancin' name...." Anna
-This quote came from a trip to church....I love to read cookbooks, yes, cookbooks. I was in the car, flipping through some recipes and reading the titles out loud to David to see if he thought they sounded good. When I read this one out loud, I added a little to the end..."Honey Glazed Chicken Legs....." "That's my dancin' name." And boom! Just like that it was on the board!

"Kevin makes Vick look like a computer hacker." Anna
-I had a boss that literally couldn't check his email. Computer illiterate would have been a complement for him. My mother on the other hand, wasn't too far behind him in her knowledge of computers. I was at home one night telling David a funny computer story about him when the words, "Kevin makes Vick look like a computer hacker," came out of my mouth. Boom....quote board.

"You can't kick a gift horse in the mouth..." Anna
-I have a real problem with mixing up parts of old sayings. Literally, I do it all the time and David gets a big kick out of it. One night he was telling some story and my very serious response was, "Well, you can't kick a gift horse in the mouth..." He about peed in his pants...and reminds me quite frequently of my misuse of that quote...boom! Quote board!

The next one, I think should be left to the Higginbotham's....but you could put it together if you want..

And lastly, "Wilson is looking old, he needs just for pups." Anna
-Just for men is made for the old guys with gray beards...just for pups could help Wilson with the whiting around his face...

Looking back on this board, I just realized that David doesn't say anything worth writing down... :)

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