Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tacky Christmas Party

I was in charge of our class Christmas party this year at church, so we decided to go with a Tacky Christmas Party theme. I have always enjoyed those parties and we have lots of fun. We also played a few games, one of which was called 2 lies and the truth. You had to write down two of the worst Christmas gifts you were ever given, plus make up one and people had to try and guess which was the fake gift. It was hilarious and there have been some people who got some really awful gifts over the years! I would try to caption all of these photos, but I think most of them speak for themselves...David was in full Dwight Schrute mode all night long and just in case you don't notice, his eyes were not open for any of his photos....strange, I know....










Monday, December 27, 2010

Carrie's Baby Shower

The same weekend we had Joy's baby shower, I helped host a shower for one of my dear high school friends, Carrie Sanders Hart. We had the event at Curry's downtown and had delicious food and she got some wonderful presents. A great time was had by all!! :)











Friday, December 24, 2010

Joy's Baby Shower

So my cousin Joy is having a little boy in February and over the holidays we got together to give her a little shower while they were up here for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and she got lots of cute things! Baby Jo (they are not announcing the name) is already loved very much! His Aunt Anna is his favorite person already though. Someone will have to teach the boy how to hunt and fish.... :)







Monday, December 13, 2010

The Iron Bowl

What can I say, the best thing about the Iron Bowl this year was seeing my girls. The worst thing....well, you can guess. I am one of those people that would rather get my brains stomped out than to loose by a point. I hate loosing by a point. If I am going to loose, prepare me by beating the snot out of me for the first 3 quarters! I won't go into details of the game, you all saw it, but it sucked. The end. Here are the highlights of the day though!

Tailgate fun!!

The girls in front of the Phi Mu house!

We thought this was a good idea at the time...


LOOOVE this one!



The Great Dryer Shortage of 2010

Hello faithful readers! Did you know that there was a dryer shortage just a few weeks ago?? Yes that is right...there was not a dryer to be found in North Alabama. And so what naturally happens? Our dryer breaks. So we set out on what turned out to be the great dryer hunt of 2010. When we first started looking for a dryer, we had a price range in mind that we wanted to spend. By the time it was over, price was out of the question...we just a wanted a dryer...any dryer. From what I was told, a large number of these big stores use one main warehouse that they get their dryers from. Well, due to black Friday sales, there were no dryers. This was literally the Monday after Black Friday and I couldn't get a dryer before December 22nd. December 22nd???!!! Seriously, I about died. We had to use our friends dryers and after an embarrassing incident that will not be mentioned on this blog, I decided we would just buy new clothes instead of using someones dryer. I finally found a dryer, but we had to wait a week to get it, but since the other dryers wouldn't be here before December 22nd, a week sounded great. So fair well to the lovely dryer we once will be missed.

RIP Dryer..

Spencer Black Memorial Run

I am so far behind in blogging, I may need to take a week off to catch up! Anywho, David participated in his first 5k race a couple of weeks ago. I am so proud of him for this awesome accomplishment! Also, a friend of ours, Erica ran in this race as well and it was her first also! I would like to make a note that after I finished, I had to sprint half a mile to the truck to get the camera and then back to the finish line to get David crossing it. I HAD to have a picture of him crossing the finish line of his first race but I thought I was going to have a heart attack getting the camera! Also, Vick and Steven participated in the one mile fun run. Steven was going to run and Vick was going to walk. When they blew the whistle though, David and I about passed out as we watched Vick run by us. And then she kept on running....I about died!! I got 3rd place in my age division which was nice, so it was a great day for us all! We decided to then go to Luvici's for lunch after the race. We were about to get out of the car and David said..."Are you going to wear that inside??" He was referring to my medal...and yes, I did wear it inside. :)

Getting all geared up!


Here he comes!!!


Me and Vick...please excuse me looking like death...this was after the race, and the 1 mile sprint to and from the car!


Our friend Erica! I just barely caught her!






Getting my medal


Monday, December 6, 2010

Bama Game

Its been so long ago now, I don't even remember which game this was...whatever the game was before the Iron Bowl...anywho, it was lots of fun. Got to meet up with my girls before the game and had a great time tailgating. I will throw in this little disclosure this point in the season, I am done. I mean, real done. I am tired of driving 2.5 hours each way to the game. Sitting in either the blistering heat or freezing cold and I have had my fill of hotdogs and hamburgers. Now, don't get me wrong, I always have fun once I am there...but thinking about going down to Tuscaloosa at the beginning of each week makes me want to throw myself in traffic. I guess if we were loaded and had once of those fancy condos by the stadium it might not be so bad. I'll tell Santa to put that on my list for next year! Roll Tide!



Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladies Night Out!

My "Southern Women" post got me a little behind in my normal blogging, but I a sure most of you don't mind. And if you do, oh well...its my blog. :) Anywho, a couple weeks ago, I was in charge of Ladies Night Out at church. I love to plan parties, events, or any other reason to get together, so this was right up my alley. I called in my partner in crime, Jackie Grimsley from The Casual Gourmet in Decatur. She has become like family to me as much as I am in her shop. We put our heads together and put together an idea to do an event where she would bring holiday appetizers for us to try and then give us the recipes AND explain how she gets everything to look so fabulous! I mean...who does that??? She is awesome! She also had a few little games where we had to guess what was wrong/missing from the table. Of course, no one could figure it out. The whole point of the game was to show us that no one can tell if something is missing or wrong on your table, so quit freaking out about it! All in all it was a great night and we all walked away with some great recipes and lots of laughs!!






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