Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BOW Weekend

This was my 3rd time to go to BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) which is sponsored by Outdoor Alabama. It is literally two of my favorite weekends a year! This time, we had to deal with rain, which was the first time we have had bad weather, but it was still so much fun! I took Pistol I, ATV Handling, Fly Fishing and Mountain Biking. I did pretty good in my pistol class, coming in 2nd in the Top Gun competition...I of course was disappointed as we all know, 2nd place is the 1st place looser. Still a blast though. One of these days hopefully I will lighten up and not make everything a competition. (Not counting on that any time soon though!) ATV Handling was also a blast. They taught us the basics of riding ATV's, servicing them, changing the oil, etc. We got to go riding through the rain which was pretty fun. Fly fishing was a skill that I have never had before. It was fun, but a whole lot of work. I think I will stick to regular fishing. Before the session was over I thought my wrist was going to snap in half from all the movement back and forth with that giant pole! Last but not least was my Mountain Biking class. I know David was glad I took it because I have never known how to change the gears on my bike when I am riding it and they taught us that. They also taught us how to change a flat tire which was pretty neat as well. Once again, BOW was a success. I absolutely loved it and got to meet back up with some of the wonderful friends I have made there over the past year. I can't wait until October when its time to go again!!!










Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gatlinburg CYC Trip

Back in February we went to Gatlinburg for a little mini vacation. We left Wednesday after work and came back that weekend. It was absolutely fabulous. We stayed in the most awesome place....Mountain Glory 2 It was the best cabin we have stayed in up there. The location couldn't be more perfect. You felt like you were in the middle of no where, but literally you were 5 minutes from either Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. It had an awesome hot tub that we stayed in for the majority of the time and the view was beautiful. We played pool, ate way too much and just had a blast. I highly recommend staying at Mountain Glory 2 if you are ever in the area. It will not disappoint!!

We goofed off a good bit in Gatlinburg....watched taffy being pulled, which is a must for Gatlinburg, ate at delicious restaurants and shopped till we dropped. I haven't been to the mountains in several years and it was really nice and a much needed getaway. We also went up there to hear Justin play at the CYC conference which was really cool. His group did a great job and the kids all really loved it! Here are some shots from the weekend...

Here we are eating....suprise suprise!!


We went to the arcade for an afternoon of fun!


Back at the cabin....this should be on awkward friends photos.... :)

Maybe this one too....


So happy to be here....except Justin


Justin playing at CYC

He forgot his slide, so he bought a shot glass to use instead...very crafty...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ski Trip with Steven

A couple weeks ago, Steven and I headed out on a ski trip after one of his soccer games on Friday night. We were going to Cataloochee Ski Resort in North Carolina and had a long way to drive. I am like an old lady and can't drive at night if I am sleepy because I will end up in a ditch. So, Steven promised he would help keep me awake for the drive. By Madison, he was snoring so loud, he was fogging up the windows. Anywho, we finally made it there and got ready for some fun. I have never been skiing before and wasn't nervous about going until my friend Micah went 2 weeks before us and broke her tailbone. I kept imagining me and him up there and me breaking something....who would drive home??? I am glad to report there were no injuries. I only fell once and got the hang of it pretty quickly. I did order this awesome ski suit that drew quite alot of attention because of its color. My motto has always been, if you dress the can probably do it. So, my outfit looked like a real skier, so hopefully I fooled a few people!! It was a great time and awesome to spend time with my Steven!








Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Alex is here!

My cousin Joy just had her baby boy a few weeks ago and we made the trip down to Birmingham to visit them in the hospital. Joy did such a good job of not telling his name throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy. It just about drove us all crazy though because we couldn't get anything monogrammed! You know us Southern Women....we need the babies name on EVERYTHING! He is so precious and was quite the big boy weighing in at over 9 pounds. Here are some shots of that sweet baby!









Valentine's Day 2011

We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day this year which was just what I needed. Steven's first soccer game was that night and I went to that and got home just in time for a romantic dinner prepared (aka, picked up) by my lovely husband. It was delicious and served on the fine china!! He got me a BEAUTIFUL diamond dinner ring which I will post pictures of when I get it back from the jewelry store after being sized. I got him tickets and backstage passes to the Marc Broussard concert which he is really excited about. So all in all, great night!

We also celebrated with our Sunday School class and had an awesome time. We played Minute to Win It and David came in 3rd place!! Here are some shots from the night...see if you can tell who was cheating in these photos... :)






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