Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More old shots

Here are a few more shots of things we have done....Enjoy!!


This is one of our many family portraits.....


This is me and my brother Gare on the day of my graduation from college at my house in Tuscaloosa...


I had the opportunity to join David a couple of weeks ago at the space shuttle launch in Orlando. It was really cool and I highly recommend trying to see at least one of your lifetime. This is me at the countdown clock before the shuttle launched. David was busy at work!!


This is another shot from that trip of me and one of the astronauts.


For our one year anniversary, we took a cruise that was supposed to go to Mexico. Well, we decided to go during hurricane week, so we were re-routed to Key West and the Bahamas which was very nice. One night, the boat was rocking so much from the storm, I thought we were going to sink. You couldn't stand up in our room without holding onto the wall...it was nuts!! This shot is from when we got home. My mom had come over and brought our cake topper from our wedding and we ate it. We looked kinda rough after traveling 8 hours!!


This was David in Key West....


Little did we know we thought we might actually drown later on in the trip!! :)


This is a shot of us with Rick and Bubba....its kind of a long story, but we go down to the studio and eat with them once a year. They are a hoot and we love to see them!


If my memory serves me correctly, this was Wilson's first trip to the river to ride in our boat. He LOVES IT!!! More pictures to follow...


Here he is again basking in the sun!!


A friend of ours, Evan, made the comment that he didn't know who enjoyed the river more, me or Wilson. I think its about even...


This is my FAVORITE picture of Wilson...David took this of him the day I got him. I bought Wilson for David's birthday.


Every year we do a Christmas card and send it out to entirely too many people!! :) Its hard to cut people off your list though. This is our card from 2006


This was our card from 2005...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!!

David has played with the Flashbacks ever since I have known him. He officially quit/took a break in February of 2007. He still fills in with them a good bit though and they do a terrific job!

This was us with Tim Wilson at his show at the Princess Theater.

This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures. This is my family out at our river place enjoying the day together.

Go Red for Women is an annual event that we had each year when I worked for Woodland. The photographer for this event chose to pose my mother and I this way, and we thought it was hilarious.

Me and J-Mo at Simp McGhee's listening to Bishop Black. We were the old people in there trying to find a seat, not dancing up front!! :)

This was my 26th birthday at my Mother's house with my grandfather and grandmother. As always, we had my favorite...strawberry cake!!

This is just one shot from my trip to London, Switzerland, Austria and France with the Senior Circle group from Woodland Medical Center. I was the chaperone for this rowdy group, but we had a blast. When I came home from this trip, David had completely re-done my bathroom for me in 8 days. Kind of like they do it on TV except much harder he said!! :)
This sums up our first Christmas together. We both had the flu and it was horrible. We were in so much pain, we didn't even open gifts on Christmas Day. Needless to say it was not a good first Christmas together, but we will always remember this one!

This is from New Years Eve 2007 at the Rare Martini in Birmingham. One of my best friends, Lindsey, and her boyfriend John Robert, joined us for this evening. We had a great time and finished the New Years Eve off with breakfast at John Roberts house which was really fun.
This pictures shares an interesting story.....David and I had been looking for property on the river, when we went out to look at this particular piece. Evan accompanied us that day and it was absolutely freezing. We were walking around on the property and David slid down, throwing his hand up in the air and slinging off his wedding band. We looked forever that day, then came back with metal detectors, and still no luck. So, we HAD to buy that piece of property and we hope one day we will find his ring.

I don't know exactly what to say about this shot, except its David in front of the Weiner Mobile at the Morgan County Fair. Nothing says classy like a Weiner Mobile in front of the fair.
Wilson loves the river and this was a shot of him out at the Point Mallard trails

David's Birthday Party at our house with all the nieces and nephews.

This was the Bama vs. Hawaii game at our tailgate. Bret and Lawren, Kelli and Charley joined us and we had a great time!!

This was one of David's birthday gifts I got him.

One Sunday we went out to the shooting range after church. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it for stress relief! :)

This is David, Steven and Cole at one of the Bama games last year.

Below are pictures from the past year and a half of our marriage....its going to be a quick tour, but hopefully get us up to date.

This was us leaving on our cruise for our honeymoon. We went to the Bahama's and had a great time. We went out of Orlando and after spending a night there

Honeymoon again...this was us paddling around in the ocean in the Bahamas....this does remind me of the great shark incident of our anniversary trip in August of 2007. We were paddling through 6 inches of water in a "protected" area in which our guide told us to not disturb the sea grass or any animals that may come around, including snakes. As we went through the water a baby (still large enough to bite you) shark jumped up as I put my paddle down in the water...needless to say, we got back on the big boat and did not wait for his mother to come looking for him.

This is from our wedding......at the Princess Theater

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