Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

This year, we decided to head to the Embassy Suites in Huntsville for their New Years Eve party. We have never done anything like that, but it looked like fun. We got a package that included a night stay, breakfast buffet at midnight and in the morning (bonus) dinner by Ruths Chris and then the band Juice was playing. It was so interesting to me to stay at a hotel 30 minutes from our house, but it was really nice. We got there around 3:00, did a little swimming and then took a nap in our room. Then we got all fancied up and headed downstairs. The food was AMAZING! They had everything you could want. Deserts as far as the eye could see and some giant hunk of an animal leg that David tore into. We met some really nice folks there as well and had a dandy time dancing 2010 away. I will say this, if you ever need a place to stay, this Embassy Suites was the best. The staff there was so over the top nice, you almost felt like you were in Disney World. I highly recommend them!! So, if you need a little escape, or to get away from your spouse for the evening, Embassy Suites in Huntsville is the place to go!

This is what you look like walking through the halls of the hotel trying to find the pool when you forgot your flip flops.






Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 29th Birthday....whoop whoop!

This year, I had an awesome birthday! It started out with a day at the spa at the French Door. It was absolutely fabulous!! If you ever need to relax, that is the place to go! Then, David and I headed out to Nashville. We ate dinner at our new favorite place in Nashville (recommended by David's brother and wife) Stoney River. They have the most awesome coffee filet. I mean, it is to die for! We then went out to BB Kings and listened to a band and the off to a piano bar and I actually stayed awake past midnight! I know...crazy right! The next day, David gave me a shopping spree to Bass Pro, my most favorite store on the planet, and my plan was to buy a new rifle. I have major anxiety for some reason when it comes to purchasing a rifle and can't pull the trigger...pun intended. The one thing I have learned is that everyone and I do mean everyone has their opinion on what is a good gun, what is the worst gun ever made and what gun they wouldn't shoot a robber with if they had to. All in all, this adds up to anxiety on my part. So, long story short, I didn't buy a gun there...but I still had an awesome time and picked up a few other essentials while in the store. After we got back from Nashville, we had a little celebration with my mother as well with my traditional strawberry cake. I have had that same cake for every birthday since I was born and it is my favorite. So, all in all, my 28th year was awesome, and I have even bigger plans for 29!!

At Stoney River...

BB Kings...


The Big Bang..

Bass Pro...David trying out a new tent...

Birthday dinner with Vick...



Monday, January 17, 2011

I can't shoot it!!!


I went hunting with Ray and the fellas a couple weeks ago. It was my first deer hunt of this season, and my first time to hunt all by myself. I finished my hunters safety course so I was ready to be let loose. One day I will write a post about that course and the guy calling me Barbie in the class...he was a real jerk...anywho, I digress. So we headed out for an afternoon hunt. Ray took me and dropped me off at "Honey Hole" and I positioned myself in the shooting house for the afternoon. Note to self though, next time I will bring a book or something for those times in between when you see something...if you are that lucky. Back to the there I am, looking out, when I see a deer through the trees, coming my way. Now, I have heard of people getting the shakes when they see a deer. I of course was so cool and collected, I didn't experience that. Well, that is a lie. I started shaking as the deer walked out. And I mean, really shaking, like, thought I would blow my own foot off shaking. Its a weird mix of excitment, terror and reminding yourself to be so still that you barely breath. So, whats a girl to do out in the woods by herself, shaking so hard the tree stand is moving??? Bring out that yoga breathing. I KNEW one day it would come in handy. So, I closed my eyes, started my yoga breathing and then calmed myself down. I opened my eyes and saw this huge doe standing perfectly in front of me where I could have blown here from here to China. I bring my gun up...put the crosshairs right on her chest and prepare a shot. Well, then I notice she is not alone...I raise up from the scope to see her baby staring back at me. Yep, her baby, and a little baby at that. So, now I am having the internal struggle of should I shoot her or not...I start weighing my options...

1. The baby surely would be far enough in the season for it to survive on its own....Pro 1
2. Its a deer, it doesn't have feelings like we think it does, and there are too many deer, and this baby could possibly starve from overpopulation if I don't shoot the mama...Pro 2
3. I can't imagine shooting the mama and watching the baby run off all alone and be scared in the dark woods by itself....Con 1
4. I would be in therapy if I shot this thing in front of its mother.....Con 2

So, I decided not to shoot it...and they stayed in front of me for almost 40 minutes. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, getting to be that close to them and observe them in their environment...well, a few seconds later, I get a text from Ray....

Ray-"Have you seen anything?"
Anna-"I have a mother and her baby in front of me..."
Ray-"Shoot the mama"
Anna-"I can't shoot the mama with the baby in front of it!!!"
Ray-"Yes you can...shoot the mama!!!"

We go back and forth for awhile and I decide to still not shoot it. Over all, I was very happy with my decision. Did they tease me about it?? Of course, but I know my day will come....Patience is a hunters best friend.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010 Part 3.....yes, its still going

Christmas morning after opening gifts at our house, we braved the snow and headed two blocks over to my moms house. Every year, we do a Christmas puzzle, but the one we had last year took us into July before it was finished, so we did not do one this year. It had 1500 pieces in it and almost caused a family feud. That thing was from the devil!! We have decided that we are a 500 piece kind of we will at least know from now on. Anywho, we opened gifts, had a delicious breakfast and then headed off for more of the days activities. Here are some shots....




This is the puzzle that almost divorced us all....





There is a story behind this photo....Vick got David these flashlights that you wind to power them...well, he took them out and began winding them. With a confused look on her face, she said..."Oh...thats how those work..." She thought they were wind Gone with the Wind...So, here they are powering up the flashlights...


Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010-Part 2...Our House

Christmas morning we woke up to a white Christmas which was awesome. I immediately hollered to David who was still in the bed..."There must be like 3 inches of snow out here!!!" He told me I was wrong....till he got up...told you so!!! Anywho, we exchanged gifts. We buy each other waaayyy too much stuff. And that is all it is...stuff. But for now we enjoy buying each other things, so there you go. Check out the loot below...

Can we say nerd....and yes, he wore that out already.

Insert crazy eye, for my picture with my new mug....

David and his new kicks..

When people asked me what I got David for Christmas I couldn't ever my typical answer was, just a bunch of nerd stuff. I don't know what half of the stuff o his list was, but it makes him happy, so if he is happy, so am I!

This thing is the BOMB...its a chefs mat and its got this gel in it, so when you are standing in the kitchen cooking, it is super comfy instead of standing on the hard floor....

I got new GreenPans by Chef Todd English which I am super pumped about, and some kitchen equipment!! Makes my heart happy!!!

I just realized looking back at these photos that we look stoned....we are not, just excited about our presents...

David has made fun of my "buddy" shoes for the past 2 years...they were not real UGGs, but I loved them anyways...he bought me the real ones and I love them too!!

Here is the pup getting his stocking...

And this is my most favorite picture from Christmas...David in his new goggles...

We then decided to go play in the snow with the neighbors for a little while before going to my mom's house....







Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010-Part 1 of.....who knows how many

Like everyone, we have lots of fun holiday traditions. On Christmas Eve we head off to the ol' ball and chains parents house where we meet up with David's sister, brother and their children. It is always really fun and we have delicious food. This year was no different. Then it is time for the presents. Its so hilarious to me how each year, the kids will be sitting at one table and the adults sit at another. Of course, they fix all the kids food first, so they are done eating before we really even sit down. Then starts the stream of children one at a time over to the adult table..."Is it time to open presents yet?" "No, not yet..." (See 3 minutes later) another child enters, "Is it time to open presents yet?" "No, not yet..." This cycle continues until the adults are worn down enough to go open presents. Then we move on to another tradition that is pretty cool. The Higginbotham's are cool enough to get a real live phone call from Santa. Every year...I know, you are jealous. He talks to each of the kids, updates them on where he is and all that good stuff. Its pretty awesome. This year, Santa was so good he made Aunt Melinda cry...


And my gift made her cry...

Come to think of it, Melinda cries a whole lot. :) (Just kidding sister in law!!)

Anywho, here are some shots from the wild bunch at the Higginbotham's house....


Reindeer ears...


All the kiddos with "Aunt Vicki"

Gina will kill me, but this picture sums up the gift opening time that night....

Tess was super pumped about her pillow pet....and on a side note, why can't I think of stupid crap like that and make millions of dollars????


Who is that on the phone??? Santa!!!


Kacen wanted to take some photos of Uncle Dave and Aunt Anna...




And last but not least, Twas the Night Before Christmas...

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