Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smith Lake Anniversary Trip 2011

A couple weekends ago, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a weekend trip to Smith Lake. Don't get me wrong, I like the lake, but you know my real love is the river. I love the people, the murky water, the is just like my 2nd home. However, the lake was nice too. Getting to see your feet in the water was different. The people there were nice, but still, not like our river neighbors. Anywho, enough about that. We stayed at a fabulous house in Arley and had a big swim pier and boat house. On Friday night when we got there, I decided to do a little fishing. Now, unless I am eating the fish that I catch, I do not kill them. Or after this trip, I try not to kill them. Each fish I caught had totally swallowed the hook. Each time I performed surgery on the fish, gently trying to remove the hook. And time after time, I would throw the fish back in the water and **PLOP** they would float to the top. Super sad. So on Saturday, we swam and relaxed most of the day and then we headed out for our fancy dinner at the Arley Lighthouse. Also known as the only place to eat. When we pulled up, we almost missed the restaurant because it looked like one of those out buildings they sell at Lowes. We died out laughing and went in anyways. The thing about places like that is usually, they are the best places to eat anyways. So, after a lovely dinner, we headed back to the lake house and enjoyed the rest of the evening. A great anniversary was had by all!! :)








Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little River Fun!!

Friday nights in the summer are one of my favorite times. First, for obvious reasons, you are done with work for the week and have the WHOLE weekend ahead of you which is nice. But secondly, we have a little tradition out on Sugar Creek with my fabulous neighbors. Once everyone gets off work and out to the river for the weekend, we hope in the boat and take a sunset cruise up usually into Tennessee. It is so nice and relaxing and the perfect way to start off the weekend. Here are a few shots from one of our outings...




The other weekend, the Neely's had their grandchildren out at the river, so we took the jet ski out there to ride them around on. Of course, it rained off and on all day, so we did more sitting inside than playing on the water, but everyone got a turn so that is all that matters!

I know that summer is winding down and it makes me a little sad, but fall is just as beautiful on the river as well!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Steven Graduates from SERT

A couple weeks ago, Steven graduated from the SERT program at the courthouse. SERT stands for Student Emergency Response Training. We are very proud of him for all his accomplishments and how active he is in the community. I unfortunately had a conflict that night, so David went to his graduation for me. Way to go Steven!!!










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