Monday, February 20, 2012

Game Night at the Tomberlin's....

A few weeks ago, me and the cousin's got this crazy idea to have a game night. I brought Balderdash and really didn't know how well it would go over...well, needless to say, we had an awesome night...the food was delicious and the laughs were plentiful....can't wait till next time!


Nathan, bringing his game face....




Austin High School Ugly Walk 2012

I always dreamed of putting make-up on my little niece one day, and making her look like a princess...little did I know that it wouldn't be a niece I would be making up...

Steven was in Austin's Ugly Walk to raise money for the football team. I of course jumped at the chance to put some of my old pageant skills to good use. And I will say, he was pretty good looking... :) It took a lot of spackle....I mean, base, to cover up his manliness, and I had a problem disguising his Adam's apple, but other than that, I would say it was a success. He won his division, for the 9th grade class, and got "Best Overall Hair." Can an aunt be any prouder???




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