Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Fun!

David purposefully took some time off in August, so we have been doing lots of fun stuff together and the weekends have been really nice. He and Justin played at the 3rd Friday event downtown a couple of weeks ago which was really fun.




Then the next day, we headed out to the river lot and took the jet ski for the first time. I was going to drive him up the Elk River into Tennessee like I had done a couple weeks ago with our neighbors out at the river. Well, obviously, I had amnesia or something because we took off on the jet ski and hit a dead end twice. Its pretty hard to find a dead end in the river, but I managed! After a little fishing, we decided to call it a day because there was a storm coming and we got the jet ski up just in time before the storm hit. I can't wait until we have everything settled out there and I can just leave all that stuff at the river! :)



Friday, August 27, 2010

Anniversary Fun

This year, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary. We took the trip to Vegas and then on our actual anniversary, we were in good ol' Decatur. We started out the morning with me getting up entirely too early to fix my husband breakfast in bed. I felt like I had a hangover for the rest of the day, but it was worth it....for him. :)
After a nice long day at work, hangover included, we went to JW's Steakhouse for dinner. Dinner was great and they give you a discount for your anniversary for however many years you have been married. That was really nice and it was a great dinner as well. If for some reason, Jody Whitt or any other member of his family reads my blog, please apologize to Jody's sister, whom I insulted by asking if she were his mother. Yeah, insert foot in mouth....sorry about that! She tried to make me feel better by telling me she was 8 years older than him, but I still felt like crap. Especially after she had just complemented my outfit....so obviously, to reciprocate her niceness, I insult her with that lovely comment.
We also ended up getting each other the same anniversary card which was a hoot to me. We either have the same sick sense of humor, or are just destined to be together forever...who knows... :) The inside of the card says, "Till I Croak..."


Las Vegas...the Final post....whew

If I wasn't so lazy, I would have put the whole Vegas trip in one post...but honestly, you wouldn't have read the entire thing right?? Anywho...I will sum this up as quickly as possible with the great corn story...I know I mentioned that this trip was pretty pricey. And not intentionally so. We had talked about going to Jamaica for our anniversary but didn't want to spend that much money...well, we should have just gone there. Not that we didn't have an awesome time, we did, but it was a little more expensive than I was anticipating....anywho....we went to La Reve which was an awesome show. I mean, expensive, but well worth the money. Before the show we went to dinner at Craft Steakhouse. It was recommended by everyone we talked to. The waiter comes out to tell us about this fabulous corn dish that is the chef's specialty tonight...he went on and on and on about how insanely delicious this corn was and how it was a delicacy. So, I said, give me the corn...sounds like a plan...here it was...
Does that corn look familiar to you? Well, it should if you are from Alabama. After tasting the corn I told David, and the waiter the following....

Waiter: So did you LOOOOVE the corn????
Anna: Well, it was good, but I hate to burst your bubble....
Waiter: (Insert confused look on his face)
Anna: You see, back in Alabama, we eat this all the time. This is nothing more than some Green Giant Niblet corn sauteed with some green onions....you can get this at any pot luck, church supper, or covered dish...
Waiter: (See same confused look on his face as before)

The moral of the story is, I paid $30.00 for a side of Green Giant Corn...but overall the dinner was wonderful and I recommend Craft Steakhouse if you ever are in Vegas...

These photos sum up the rest of our trip....












Monday, August 23, 2010

Vegas....Part 2

Like I said before, David rented a convertible for us on our trip, and we decided to take off to the Hoover Dam since neither of us had ever seen it. It was really nice driving out there. However, on the way back it was hotter than....(you can fill in your own sentence here....) We had a really good time there and it was neat. Its so amazing to me that they dam was built so long ago and without the technology that we have now. Pretty nifty huh? After heading back, we had to get ready for our photo shoot. David surprised me with a photo shoot for our anniversary while we were out in Vegas. John Michael Cooper of AltF took our photos. We had great time taking these photos....we went out into the desert and then to a dry lake bed and then on to the strip. Super fun! I will post them once we get them back. Anywho...more to come later!









This was David showing off his fabulous photography skills....his hand was in the picture on accident...


Enjoying our first In and Out burger...delicious!!

The next set of photos are things we watched other people doing while they were taking their photos of the Hoover Dam...so, try to implement these awesome poses next time you are taking photos of yourself in front of a historical landmark....




Our photo session....




Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vegas....Part 1

This past week, David and I went to Vegas for a little anniversary trip. We had an awesome time in an awesome city. Vegas is one of those places everyone should go at least once if you get the chance. Its really like another world out there! Anywho, on to the photos....

We flew over some awesome scenery including the Grand Canyon! Here are a few shots of that...


We got to Vegas, and after a minor hitch with the rental car, we got to our hotel. David had specifically reserved a convertible for our trip. They said they didn't have any, even though we had already reserved and paid for one, but what do you do. I was fine leaving in a prius, but not my David...normally, I am the fit thrower, but this time, he was determined that we were going to have our car. (He actually didn't have to throw a fit, but I think would have if the need would have arose). So we jetted off to the hotel for our first gourmet meal...

In case you didn't notice the first gourmet meal was McDonalds and Sbarro....after getting up at 3:00 in the morning, the first thing you see is a must have!

That night we went to see Terry Fator who was a hoot and a half. We really enjoyed his show.






We rounded off the evening walking down the strip and watching the light show at the Bellagio....it is so neat to me! Note to self though for those of you going to Vegas....everything looks like it is really close together....it is a mirage...and not like the hotel...I advise you to wear some flip flops and take your cute shoes in your purse!! :)


More to come....including the gourmet corn story! :)

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