Monday, June 28, 2010

Stay-cation 2010

Well, thank you BP for ruining our tiny break of a vacation that we had planned for last weekend. After much debate, should we still go, should we not, where should we go instead, we decide to do a little stay-cation. So, we started out Thursday night with Paul Thorn, who is one of our favorite musicians over in Huntsville. David got to take some portraits of him backstage which was really cool, and I tried to hold a light and manage to get a photo of David taking a photo....not the best, but I did the best I could..

Then we decided to do a little boat shopping that weekend....yes, I know, I am still recovering from the loss of the Bayliner, so there may not be a boat any time soon, but it doesn't hurt to look a little...we still don't know what we want...its between a deck boat and a pontoon....any thoughts from you other boaters out there?

Then we went to the Bass Pro Shop, where I of course was in heaven, and bought a few things, including some new cookware for me. I bought a Lodge Cast Iron cooking DVD, and then was feeling froggy, so I bought a bunch of the cookware to try out my new outdoor cooking skills with....more to come on that.

Then we took a little impromptu canoe trip...right out of our own backyard almost....there is this drainage ditch in Point Mallard that leads out to the river, so we put the canoe in there and took off. And yes, I was the redneck riding in the back of the truck holding the canoe that was waaayy too long in there...





We also went to the movies twice, saw Iron Man 2 and Knight and Day over at Bridgestreet...then we finished off the weekend with Longhorn Steakhouse and a sore throat and earache for me...but man we had a good time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Zoo part 2....

Continuing on with the day we saw lots of cool stuff...giraffe's, elephants, tigers, etc. It was hotter than two dogs in heat, but we still had a great time.


This is Justin and Micah pictured in front of the rarely seen Ford F150...what a day for us to see that in the wild!


Do Justin and David love the zoo??? Yes they do!



Not sure about this pose...

Or this one...

This next photo has a little I said, it was boiling lava hot, so most of the animals were not doing a whole this leopard....

So I decide to go get in the bushes next to its cage, shake the trees and yell, "Hey Leopard!!!" This is what happened...
Yeah, I am pretty sure he wanted to eat me after I woke him up from his nap...


Tickle tickle....

The next part was my favorite...I love petting animals, any type animals...Justin wanted to know why we were going to look at animals like what we have in Athens...he's a party pooper....we went anyways!


David is in a goat gang...this was his initiation picture...


Staring contest.....GOOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nashville Zoo 2010

Sunday afternoon, we headed up to Nashville to use some passes I had gotten from Radio Rewards on WDRM. On the way up, Micah was driving, and accidentally got a little too close to this biker couple. When we looked back, the lady had thrown her hands up, but we didn't think much of it. Well, on our way off the exit, flashers on for the bathroom and all, this couple drives by as we are getting out of the car and either yells, "I'm gonna kick your a**" or "You can kiss my a**" We couldn't really hear everything, but either way it was a hoot. I kept waiting for them to stop so we could have a good old fashion Tennessee beat down, but they kept on driving. Anywho, so we got to the zoo....
And it was boiling lava hot...but we pressed on....
Then we decided to have a little impromptu fashion show in the gift shop....



A few more shots of the couples...


Then it was off to the bird cages....I decided I wanted to feed them, but was a little apprehensive once I actually got in the is a strange feeling to have birds fly down on your arms....despite my awful faces, I really did enjoy this, and so did Justin....

If you close one eye and hold your mouth just right, the birds will come to you...




Part two tomorrow!!!

Party, Party, Party!!

This past weekend, we rocked out 3 nights in a row! We started off Friday night at Gina's for a delicious steak and shrimp dinner to celebrate all the Summer birthdays! It was a lot of fun and the food was excellent....


Then on Saturday, we had a Surprise Welcome Home party for John. He started his new job on Monday in Decatur and we are just so excited to have him back here!






Then Sunday morning we headed back to Athens for breakfast at Cracker Barrel with the family case you are counting, that is 3 days in a row of togetherness....needless to say, we won't be seeing everyone again for at least 6 months! :)

We headed out on another venture after church on Sunday...hmmm...where did we go??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Game Night

Thursday night I joined some of the girls for a game night at Stevi's house. It was a hoot and and half....and I came home sweating. I was sweating because we were playing that game where you have to get your team to guess what word is on the little disc thingy and there is this insane timer that is beeping loudly and very quickly as your time runs down. It was pretty intense, but a whole lot of fun! My team came out victorious, if you want to consider everyone looking at the time, realizing it was 10:00 and heading home. :) We are getting old! Its funny to see how everyone describes their for instance, I got Cynthia Nixon, from Sex and the City...for some reason, I drew a blank on who she was, so I was trying to get the girls to guess her last name, saying it was a former president, big scandal, large nose....well, that actually describes several of our presidents, so they didn't guess it! Anywho, game night was a success and I can't wait for the next one!!







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