Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thanksgiving Bliss.....

After the Higginbotham's Thanksgiving festivities, we head to my grandmother's house in Athens for the Gover family tradition. This annual event really should have its own reality show. There are so many things happening simultaneously that it would make your head spin. This years favorite event was as we like to call it, the LAST MEMBER of the Member's Only Club jacket. Bless my sweet grandmothers heart....she loves to shop and she spends her money on buying things for everyone besides herself. She bought this particular jacket for Gare, but it was too small for him, so he lovingly passed it on to David.
photo (by alhiggy08)
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We all had to contain our laughter because it is one of those old school Members Only type jackets. However, David will be wearing it with pride to the next family function

Anyways, enough of that, here are some other shots from the evening...

The Granddaughters....
IMG_0497 (by alhiggy08)

All the grandkids....
IMG_0500 (by alhiggy08)

Grandkids and spouses/special friends... :)
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Bliss....

Every year for Thanksgiving, we spend the night with David's parents on Wednesday night, decorate their tree and then get up on Thursday morning for breakfast. It frees up the rest of the day for other family, so its nice to get it finished early. The kids love to be around each other and they get to all sleep together and have like a mini camp out, so they are super excited. We always have little snacks that night before decorating the tree and then the next morning we have a HUGE breakfast which is super tasty. Here are a few shots from the evening....

IMG_0469 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0475 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0477 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0478 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0480 (by alhiggy08)

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Roll Tide!

IMG_0467 (by alhiggy08)

Saturday was our last home game of the season, and it was an 11:30 start, so it was kind of a drag....Cristi and I ran 6 miles that morning before the game, and then we left a little before 8:00. The traffic got pretty intense and so we literally got there, parked the car, and walked straight into the stadium which is rare for us. If any of you were there, the stadium was kind of spooky. It was packed full, but it was so quiet. I actually was a little bored during the game and caught myself daydreaming multiple times during that process. I am not complaining though...I will take a boring blowout game any day over the ones we have been having. You know the games....the one's where I have to tell my husband to sit down because he is embarrassing me with his redneck yelling and screaming. On the other hand...those are kind of fun too. So we shall keep our fingers crossed that the rest of the season goes smoothly. I would love for us to win a National Championship....but more than that for Florida NOT to win it! Is that bad of me?? :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My New Moon Review....

On Friday night, I am embarrassed to admit, David, Justin, Micah, Garret, Brianna and myself went to see the New Moon Movie. Yes, I pre-ordered tickets....yes I insisted we get to the theater 1.5 hours in advance to stand in line to make sure we got good seats...and yes I had some sort of weird anxiety until the movie actually started, like I was going to miss it or something. I had a moment of clarity in all this. I turned around at one point to see Briana Gwin, one of the 15 year old girls from church in line, and I was in front of her. Can we get a nerd alert??? So, I turned around quietly hoping she didn't see me. Anyways, we saw the movie and I'll be honest...I was not that impressed. Now before I start getting hate mail from all the Twilight people out there, hear me out. I think the books are so much better and to me some of the acting was a little on the corny side. (Yes, this review came from a corny person who stood in line for 1.5 hours in the cold to see the movie.) Anyways, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but I wasn't falling all over myself after it was over. And, I really think Bella should be with Jacob, but that is another debate for another time. So here is our group...imagine the wives trying to get their husbands to participate in a normal picture when we had drug all of them to see this movie. They were doing their best vampire impressions...
IMG_0461 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0462 (by alhiggy08)

Notice the vampire lurking in the background....
IMG_0463 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0466 (by alhiggy08)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wilson the Wonder Dog

So last night, I was ordering some thank you cards and was trying to find a picture to put on them. I'm sure people are sick of seeing pictures of us, being that David is a photographer and all, so I decided to go with a picture of my pup. Also, today is Show Us Your Pet's on Kelly's Corner and so I decided to participate. We had people joke at our wedding that if they had to see as many pictures of our future children as they did of our dog they would probably vomit. (I am keeping that in mind). Oh, and just in case there was any confusion, yes we are those sick dog people. Here are a few of my favorite shots of Wilson....

IMG_4408 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_4406 (by alhiggy08)

AnnaWilsonMe030809-053Select (by alhiggy08)

SundayMorningSnow-021.jpg (by alhiggy08)

IMG_5610.JPG (by alhiggy08)

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Handshake (by David Higginbotham Photography)

Showdog (by David Higginbotham Photography)

SkipperAndGilligan (by David Higginbotham Photography)

DSC_6916Select (by David Higginbotham Photography)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 5 Year Plan Great Debate

I am a planner....I think most of you would know that. I like to have a plan, things in order (not my house) and my list. I have had a 5 year plan for many many years and constantly cross things off of it. David has laughed at my 5 year plan and my goals, not necessarily AT the specific things I want to accomplish, but more that I am so attached to my list. However, I read a study that talked about the percentage of Harvard graduates that had goals, verses those that have written goals and the ones with written goals, (which was only like 5%) were more successful than all of the other people combined. So, how about that??? I have crossed lots of things off my list, but I still like to add things so it is a constant running list of items. Do any of you have 5 year plans or long term goals?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Baby Shower..

So like my previous post said, I was in Memphis last weekend with all my girls...well, almost all of them! We had a wonderful time catching up and just being together. It is so hilarious to me how our lives have changed. We use to be raring to go 24 hours a day....go eat, out on the town until all hours of the night, but things are different now. We had big plans to go out on the town Saturday night, but after the baby shower, we all came back and crashed. I of course took a nap with Caroline, and the others just took it easy on the couch. We were going to go back down town, but decided instead to go eat at a lovely little Italian place close to Jennifer's house. It was AMAZING!! From the appetizers to the salad to the main course, everything was delicious! I am so excited to meet baby Lucy very soon and hope all of us can get together again as quickly as possible. Here are some pictures from the weekend!!

IMG_0414 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0418 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0419 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0427 (by alhiggy08)

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IMG_0450 (by alhiggy08)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Memphis Weekend!

Here is a sneak peek at what I did this weekend...we celebrated Baby Lucy's arrival in January with a baby shower for Lawren....more to come soon!

The Three Bed Bugs...
IMG_0410 (by alhiggy08)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well let me just take my clothes off....

So today I had an experience much like many other days, where I am completely and utterly disgusted. I was out running, and was running through an area I typically don't run in. It was a nice neighborhood, but just not somewhere that I run. I saw from a distance about 5 grown men standing out front of this house. One of them noticed me and then began to move around the trees/bushes so he could watch my every step as I jogged closer. I didn't pay much attention to them, but as I got closer I realized they were saying things...I hit the mute on my iPod to hear what they were saying, thinking to myself, surely they are not talking to me. Well, once I cut off the music I wished I would have kept it on...or at least been able to practice restraint which isn't one of my finer qualities. The "ring leader" of the group is hooping and hollering at me and I catch a "Hey baby, why don't you run over here...." Now, most people, much wiser people than myself, would have kept running and ignored him, especially since there were 5 of them. But me....nope, I decided to slow down and stare them all down and give a "Why don't you shut up!!" To which they did not reply. I ran on my merry way and left them behind. Now the moral of this story to all of you men out there is this....have you ever seen a construction worker, truck driver or any other kind of loud mouth man say something offensive like that to a woman and her run over, rip her clothes off and profess her undying love for them? NOPE! You normally tick them off and they want to beat the life out of you. So, the moral is....say only nice things if you want to catch a ladies attention. Otherwise you will get the devil stare and perhaps a good tongue lashing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How much????

On Sunday afternoon, we made our way out to Sugar Creek to meet up with Brad, the guy who is clearing our new lot and putting in the driveway. It was such a pretty day and all was going well.....until we got the quote. Now, let me preface this by saying that Brad is excellent at what he does, is very honest, and did our first lot and we were very pleased. But you know when you have a number in your head of what you think something is going to cost....well, when the actual cost is 3 times as much, I don't know about you, but I start having heart palpitations. I know all the blood rushed out of my face as he told me the price, but my wise husband reminded me that it will all be worth it when we are sitting on the front porch of our river shack. (I will try to remind myself of that) So after that lovely conversation, I decided to do a little fishing and David was playing with the new camera. For those of you that haven't noticed from my previous post, my hair girl decided I needed a little change..hence the dark hair. She told me that it was my natural color...well, since I haven't seen that since I was 15 I have no idea if she is telling the truth, or if my hair is naturally orange. Who knows?? Anyways, while I was trying to watch my bobber, David was having me look in every direction but my bobber and so it was an unsuccessful day of fishing...except for the fact it was so beautiful and peaceful out there I didn't mind at all....

IMG_0346 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0351 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0364 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0390 (by alhiggy08)

IMG_0393 (by alhiggy08)

Psalms 118:24-This is the day that the Lord hath made...I will rejoice for he has made me glad.

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