Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm sorry...this must be a joke.


A few weeks ago, I got this e-mail that I assumed was spam. Or at least, if it wasn't spam, than it was some sort of like elaborate Arbonne scheme. The e-mail said something like, "You've been selected as one of Huntsville's Hottest Young Professionals." So I hollered, yes, I said hollered, out to David to come look at this. What I hoot I thought. They must think I was born yesterday. The conversation followed like this:

David: "Wow, you won!!!"
Anna: "Won? I haven't won anything, this is just some sort of joke."
David: "No, I nominated you and all these editors vote on it and you won! That is awesome!!"
Anna: "I'm sorry, I must have just blacked out or something. You did what??"
David: "I nominated you for this a few months ago. That is so cool!"
Anna: "Cool?? Cool is not exactly the word I am thinking right now, divorce sounds more like what I am thinking...I am going to kill you!"

Anywho, after calming down and as David says, "Seeing the positive," I read a little more into what this exactly was. We were suppose to show up at the Embassy Suites in Huntsville for a photo shoot. Now, my next problem. Obviously, I am married to a photographer. And rightfully so, I have become a photo snob. What that means is that I think everyone elses photos of me are crap. Could it be that I look like crap? Of course not!! :) There is obviously something wrong with their photo skills. :) Anywho, I was a bit nervous about taking these, especially with someone I didn't know. Long story short, it turned out well, so I can't really complain. Granted, David's photos would have turned out much better, but I can't really be picky. :)



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flashbacks Fun!

David was asked to come do a guest appearance with the Flashbacks for a concert in the park in Huntsville. Most of you know that David played with the Flashbacks for 8 years before his photography business became too much for him to keep playing. It was a really nice night and I enjoyed myself as well. Its nice to hear him play....just not every weekend, both nights! :) They are such a talented group and are very entertaining!



I had to post this kids mullet....if this is your child, I'm sorry. Actually, I take that back, if this is your child CUT THEIR HAIR!




Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fencing Fun!

Well, the river lot is cleared and the driveway is in. However, it is just a dirt driveway at this point. If you smell something burning, that would be the smell of my checkbook...its been on fire lately, and desperately needs to cool down. So, instead of going ahead and putting either gravel or concrete on the driveway, my brother came up to help us with another idea. We put this silt fencing up that will hold the dirt in place as long as we need it to until we decide to move further with the project. We rented this enormous machine and had an afternoon of fun putting it in. Now, maybe someone will buy my first lot so I can start building my house....anyone??? Anyone at all?? :)







P.S.-Have I ever told you all how much David hates snakes....I mean, like more than most people I know. During a lull in the work process, he was showing me step by step on how he would kill a snake if he saw one. (That is if he didn't run off like a girl screaming....) Just kidding dear... :)



For all of your snake killing David Higginbotham Photography

We also found lots of treasure while cleaning up. This appears to be someones shoe, and a jawbone of some sort. I am thinking about saving all this weird stuff and putting it in a shadow box for inside the cabin...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wet Dog 2010

This was my 2nd year to compete in the Wet Dog Triathlon in Decatur. I was more relaxed this year because I knew what to expect, but I has more nervous about the weather than last year. Normally, I have no problems at all running in the heat. I can run in the middle of the day and be fine. But this year, something was different. I had been sick for about 3 weeks, on two rounds of antibiotics and steroids, so that might have had something to do with it. But I could barely run, even early in the morning when it was not really hot. I prayed for a break in the weather, and God delivered it on Saturday. It was overcast and cool, which was awesome. I improved my time about 7 minutes from last year, so I was really pumped. Can't wait to do it again next year!!









Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a proud member of the NRA

Last week I received a letter from the NRA. They got my name off the Bass Pro Shop mailing list (for people who spend way too much money in there). I normally would have trashed one of these type letters, but for some reason I opened it up. When I started reading it, it seemed like a normal letter asking for your membership. However, as it went on, it began talking about the state of our country, our liberties that are being threatened and how our government wants to take away our right to bear arms. It talked about jeopardizing our hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation which I love and enjoy, and pleaded for my membership to stand up against the government and say NO!! By the time I finished reading the letter I was so fired up I could have punched somebody in the face. I proudly mailed my dues in and am now a card carrying member of the NRA. I urge you, even if you are not an outdoorsman, hunter, or gun owner to consider membership anyways. You never know when you might need to own a gun and it may be too late to get one then.

Check out this website for more information. And you get a $25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card for joining, which is the cost of the dues, so its basically free to join!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kansas City Steak

A few weeks ago, I got one of those flyers in the mail that was from Kansas City Steak Company. I normally toss them, but for some reason, this one caught my eye. I don't remember the specifics, but it was something like 4 steaks, 4 stuffed potatoes, 2 sole stuffed filets, 16 gourmet franks, 20 steakburgers and there were a few other things. Plus a set of knives (bonus!!) and a tote bag or something. (Like I need another tote bag). It was like $49.99, and after figuring the math it was like a super deal because we could eat like 20 meals off of it. So, I thought, what the heck, and I ordered it. The worst thing would be we wouldn't like it and it would be like a bad night of dining out at a restaurant. Well, David cooked a steak burger the other night and said it was really good, but tonight was our first night to eat something together. We had the stuffed sole and baked potato tonight and it was delicious!! I was really impressed with the food. Especially since we just stuck these two items in frozen, you didn't even have to thaw them. So bravo to Kansas City Steak! I will let you know how my other items are!

Friday, July 9, 2010

River Lot Fun!

On Monday, David and I headed out to the lot to grill some hotdogs and do a little fishing. Most of the time when we go, we always shoot a text message to see if any of David's family in Athens wants to come. They are always having ballgames, or other activities so it never really works out. Well Monday it did. Both David's brother and sister and their families came. So we had a little impromptu 4th of July cookout. We grilled our hotdogs and then I was going to try out my new dutch oven and bake a cobbler in it. After that, the kids decided to do a little fishing and then take a swim. I did not realize it, but for some of them, it was there 1st time in the river swimming....hurt my heart a little bit. After the initial comments of "Are the snakes going to bite us" and "I cut my finger, its going to get infected" and "Ewww...this mud is gross" we managed to have a good time swimming. We are going to have to de-sissify those children! :) (I think I just made up a word!)



















Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vick's Surprise 60th Birthday

Friday night I hosted a Surprise 60th Birthday for my mother. Everyone was so concerned that she would know something was up....only David knew better. He kept assuring us that there was no reason to be alarmed, that she would have no idea, not notice anyone's cars, etc. Well, for once, he was spot on. :) (Just kidding David) We walked in and she had NO IDEA! The shrills were a hoot...


She was so excited, she didn't know who to hug first....


Then there were some tears of joy....


Then the fun began...we had old photos, lots of delicious food, and Braswell's Hair Skin and Body came in and gave everyone manicures. There was lots of laughter, lots of hugs and plenty of fun! I had a great time too come to think of it!


























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