Friday, August 29, 2008

School Days....

So I decided to go back to school to pursue an RN. I have worked in healthcare ever since I got out of school and thought this would be a good idea. Little did I know that your brain officially shuts down after being out of college for 4 years. The good news is, the class I am taking is really interesting. Hopefully my brain will remember how to study and retain all of this say a little prayer that I can get back into the swing of things!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 Year Anniversary!!

On August 19th, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast these two years have gone by. We have had such a great time being married and have done a lot of cool stuff. One of the cool things we have done for the past several years is to go on the Rick and Bubba show. David and I have a long history with them and they are always so nice to let us come on.

Click here to listen to our segment on the show!

The pictures below are from going on the show last Wednesday. It was a lot of fun!!



We also went on a cruise this past week to celebrate our anniversary as well. We had a great time and it was nice to get away where the cell phones don't work!! Here are a couple pictures from our trip..


This is us at dinner one night. We had an awesome table and met some really nice people on this trip. The food was great as well!!


This is us on our dune buggy tour in Cozumel. It was super fun if you consider riding around in a death trap exciting. :) Actually we had a lot of fun driving these things. David of course was the expert driver which he pointed out...because he didn't stall like I did. The line to remember from this adventure was, "If you can't find em' grind em'." My motto for trying to find what gear we were suppose to be in!


Part of this lovely adventure was looking at salt water crocodiles.....which I don't care to have any part of. Our guide took us out on this broken down looking walkway, over the water mind you, where these crocodiles are swimming around. We were literally 3 feet above them and it made me quite nervous. He would whistle and these things would come up which signaled feeding time. He didn't feed any of them when they came up, so I am sure they were ticked and just waiting for our bridge to collapse for a little "white meat."


This way by far the coolest part of the trip for me. We went snorkeling...and they made us swim like a freaking mile out into the ocean so we were dead tired before we got to the "good part." I was swimming along when I saw this sea turtle come up next to me. It was so neat because he wasn't scared of us at all.


This was us in the dune buggy again....please note the sweat on David's upper lip. The Mexican sun in August is like stepping into the fires of hell...the only way to bear it is to drive your dune buggy like a mad man and get a little breeze going. It was still great though, sweat and all....


One of my favorite things about the cruise is the towel animals they leave in your room at night. I know that is so stupid, but I always loved coming back from dinner to see what animals they made for us. This was a monkey...david was picking his fleas off.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Shower!!

So, my group of girls from college have come to yet another milestone in our friendship. The first one of us is pregnant!! Jennifer is due in October with a precious baby girl we are all so excited about!! So, we had an awesome baby shower for her in Tuscaloosa.


Me and Kelli before the shower!!


All the ladies before we left for the tea room for Jen's shower!!


All the ladies at the tea room. It was such a great shower!!!


This was Caroline trying to guess the flavor of the baby food. She got it waayyy wrong!!!


I decided, at the last minute, to make a dress (I didn't know how to sew) for all of our little girls to wear to their first football game. It wasn't finished, but I do have a year to finish it before baby Chambless attends her first game!

Dinner by Design

My sweet husband is the greatest...I mean really the greatest. He bought me a Dinner by Design package which I have been DYING to try. So, we set up our session and he even went with me. It was so much fun. If you haven't tried Dinner by Design I highly recommend it. Its awesome!



David is not what you would call, handy in the kitchen, so when the recipe said "gently toss your chicken" this was his interpretation. I guess it got the job done though...


Just making a little stuffed chicken breast..MMMM!!

Atlanta Market 2008

So a couple of weeks ago, my friends Kelli, Kristy, Erin and myself took off to Atlanta for 2 days of fun. The trip started off kinda of rough because Kristi's son fell and busted his lip open, so she was obviously frazzled trying to leave...but we had an awesome time. We stayed with Caroline and Meredith in their apartment and we had a great time. This pic is from dinner at the Mexican Restaurant which was delicious...



This is me, Caroline and Kelli the morning of market. Thanks again C for letting us stay with you!!


This sign just screamed, "Take a picture with me!!" So, that is exactly what we did. This was warning us not to leave our valuables in the car because of theives.


Quite possibly the best picture ever....I won't tell you who it is..(Kelli) but she had to make a run for the toilet during the middle of trying on wedding dresses...(that is a whole other story)



So a couple of weeks ago, my friend Cheryl, her sister and their friend Kristy decided we were going to go to the Poison Concert in Nashville. A few things I learned from this trip...

1. I am too old for this...not only did I have toilet paper stuck in my ears because it was too loud, but I didn't care that we rode up to the concert in a mini van.

2. 3 opening bands is 2 too many....we had to listen to some real doozies before we got to hear Poison

3. Last but not least...having to go to work the next day is not fun after you get home at 1:00 a.m.

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