Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Streets Will Be Safer....

Today after 10:00 a.m.

Yep, that is right. I will be picked up by the Moulton Police Department to go look at a criminal line up for a crime I witnessed. Nothing major, just a drunk hit and run, but little did I know that if you are involved in a hit and run and the damage is greater than $500.00, it is considered a felony...or that is what the lady told me whose car was hit. I of course remember what they guy looks like, but now I am getting nervous they may have lots of guys up there that look similar to him. I may have to ask them to all dance because I will never forget watching him dance/wiggle/hump and could pick those moves out of 1000 people! Anyways, you should all sleep better tonight knowing that I'm putting one away...hopefully for awhile. What a jerk!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dinner party!!

On Sunday night after church, we had some folks over to our house to eat. I always go way overboard when people come to my house....get out all the fancy serving pieces and the china. David always makes fun of me for doing this...but I enjoy it, so I keep on doing it. While I was setting up my buffet table, I asked him his opinion on how it looked....his response was, " I guess its perfect." Excuse me for wanting to use all the nice things people gave us for our wedding (and all the stuff I have secretly ordered from Pampered Chef and Southern Living at Home). :) Another strange thing that I always do when we have company is to fix something we have never had before. I know this would stress most people out to the max, but for some reason I enjoy doing that. Plus having a picky husband, I don't get to try new recipes like I would like to...when we have people over, he is forced to eat it so he doesn't look rude. :) Anyways, I fixed one of Betty Sims recipes for Pork Tenderloin with a Mustard Caper Sauce, her garlic mashed potatoes, salad and sweet potato biscuits. Justin and Micah brought there famous fudge pie, and then meal was complete. The tenderloin was AMAZING and so easy to prepare. I will have to put the recipe on here soon because it is too good. It calls for Honey Cup Mustard which I had no idea what that was....but leave it to Publix to solve the mystery. We called there and they had it. It is a specific brand of mustard and it is amazing! Here are some shots from the night...all parties at our house end up turning into music sessions whenver Justin, David and Lori get together. They are just too good!!



Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank goodness for my wonderful hubby...

He was able to get back my "lost" pictures! So, as I was saying, my sister-in-law graduated from Surgery Tech school at Huntsville Hospital on Friday. We are super proud of her as this is a very hard program and extremely labor intensive. So, if you need to be cut open in the near future, she is your are some shots from the graduation. Way to go Melinda!!! :)

Melinda and her class...

The family...

David and I got her this t-shirt...I thought it was kind of cute for her profession..

John and Melinda...

Way to go Melinda! We are very proud of you!

Technology Blues

Ahhhh.....the joys of technology. It can be our greatest dream or our worst nightmare. Knock on wood, I have been pretty lucky with all things technology related. But I knew my time would come. On Friday, I attended my sister-in-laws graduation from Surgical Technology School at Huntsville Hospital (we are so proud by the way). I took lots of pictures, and several of them were really cute. I came home Friday to download them and they were no longer showing up on the camera, or my computer. As you can imagine, I had a small panic attack. This wasn't just a weekend of nothing important, but her graduation. So, I call David in a panic and he says not to mess with it anymore, but to let him take the card with him to work today and use his photo recovery software to hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) get the photos back. So, please keep your fingers crossed today!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Higginbotham Seal of Approval...just as good as the "Better Housekeeping Seal..."

First of all let me say that no, I am not getting paid to advertise this product...but if they asked me to do a world promotional tour, I would be more than happy. Now, the old bad breath plagues many people today, some know they have bad breath, while others are deliriously in the dark...God bless them. (I wish I was in the dark on their bad breath, but instead, it has curled my hair and made my eyes water from a 2 minute conversation with them) I digress...David brought home this product and said he had heard that it was really good for bad breath and that you woke up with no morning breath when you used it. I thought to myself, what kind of bold face lie is this company telling us...nothing can stomp out the infamous "morning breath" that we all try to avoid. You know, where you talk out of the side of your mouth so you don't poison your spouse in the wee hours of the morning. Anyways, David has used this product for 2 days now. I of course, am very skeptical. Now, I love my husband dearly and that is the only reason I am posting this...because I want to be able to help other "husbands and wives" out there. Everyone has morning breath and it is not pleasant...but David's morning breath could choke a donkey. So this morning, when he rolled over and wanted me to test his breath by blowing in my face, I thought, "Lord don't let me pass out or vomit." Much to my surprise, it was minty fresh...MINTY FRESH PEOPLE!!! Like he had just brushed his teeth or something, and he had been asleep since 10:30 the night before. This is a miracle product and it now has my name on it. He is probably looking at me now going...geez, your breath is horrible...try some SMART MOUTH! Ya'll run out and get a bottle...oh and there is a coupon for $2.00 off on their website. Have a minty fresh day!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just zip it!

Throughout my day I visit with lots of hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, assisted livings and other healthcare facilities. I know that caring for the sick is a special calling, and you either have it or you do not. However, I think that this next statement applies to everyone, no matter what your profession. We all have our complaints about our jobs, maybe a co-worker that we don't like or pointless reports, we feel, or just all around hate our jobs. This of course is miserable for you, your family and the people that work with you. This morning, while looking for my mothers dog Scooter that had taken his morning stroll through the neighborhood, I was listening to WDRM and they were talking about Alabama's unemployment rate is up to like 9.2%. There is one county in Alabama that their rate is 22.7%. My point to all of this is, there are alot of people hurting right now that have lost their jobs that would kill to have quit complaining about it. Be thankful that you have a job because I guarantee there are about 100 people that would slap their mama if they could have your job. There is your thought for the day! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doggie Disorders

As most of you know, Wilson is our 5 year old lab/baby/child and we love him dearly. He has always been a special dog though with "special needs." For instance, he will not walk through the entry way to go outside without touching the carpet in the dining room with his right front paw....oh, and if the mat is not straight, you can forget it. He won't even go outside. We finally kicked him out of the bed though because I was not getting any sleep. He now sleeps in the house and we close our door. We had had no real problems, but I feel like we are terrorizing him. The past couple of days, when we open the door to go let him out, he is laying in the dining room floor instead of by our door or in his house. David put the camera up in there last night for us to see what he was doing (yes, we have camera's connected to our TV so we can watch our dog, keep your comments to yourself) and he sat and watched the front door for awhile, and then he layed down in the dining room. I know this doesn't seem weird to most people, but the dog has certain rooms in the house that he has no part of. One, use to be the dining was just the quick portal to the who knows what is going on with him. I almost wonder if he would be better off if we just left him outside at night to sleep. I looked out this morning and as soon as we let him out, he was curled up asleep on his bed outside. He didn't even wake up to bark at the recycling man....I am torn...and don't know what to do. Are we terrorizing him by making him stay inside? What dog would not want to sleep inside where it is nice and comfortable? I give up....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Go To Moulton On A Saturday Night???

1. To see exotic chickens and eat extra large hand dipped corndogs
2. To make a citizens arrest on a drunk guy who backed into a car not once, but twice
3. To get felt up by the main show singer, Paul Thorn

Sound interesting...well read on about our night at the Chicken and Egg Festival in Moulton...

David and I almost didn't attend because according to all weather reports, it was suppose to be pouring down rain the whole time. However, not to be deterred from seeing our favorite musician, we went anyways. The night started off pretty interesting, as we had this little hobit lady ask us to move our chairs because she couldn't see and she had been there for 3 hours...we could have been standing up and she could have seen, but that is neither here nor there, we moved to be nice. Paul Thorn started and he was wonderful as usual. David and I dined on some lovely festival food including giant corndogs and chicken fingers. We noticed this couple, extremely intoxicated (in a dry county) that was dancing up front and falling over each other (remember this couple). The guy looked exactly like Billy Maddox which is Paul Thorns band manager. So, the show is over, and David and I go check out some of the exotic chickens before heading out. While walking to the car, we see this truck slam not once, but twice into a parked car. They didn't stop or anything, and drove by us and waved. We recognized them as the drunk couple from up front. So, we got the license plate number, and I went to find a police officer. When the officer came over, David described the man as looking just like Paul Thorns manager...which the officer had no idea what that meant. So, this ordeal took a long time, and the people whose car it was finally came out and thanked us for taking the time to help them. We were about to drive off when we noticed that the autograph line was short, so we went back in to have our tickets signed and a picture made. So, I sat on one side of Paul, while David was on the other. The guy taking our picture took a little longer than I would have liked, and Pauls hand that started on my shoulder, moved down my back, then to my side and ended up on my butt....but far be it from me to mess up a not this old time pageant smile no matter what. :) So, as we are walking off, I told David that he just groped me during the picture with my husband standing next to him. night in Moulton!! Here are some shots from the evening...and I highly recommend going to the Chicken and Egg Festival at least is an interesting place!!

The wonderful hand dipped corndogs!



David with his go to point move...

Paul Thorn



Check out that chicken!


Take smile...hand mid back

Take two...hmmm...why is he smiling so big??? :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Chicken and Egg Festival

This weekend, in between working, the Higginbotham's are heading to the Chicken and Egg Festival in Moulton. I know it is a little strange, but I love these kinds of things. You never know what you are going to find, and people watching is at an all time high. We are mainly going to see Paul Thorn. WE LOVE HIM!! If you have not ever been to see Paul Thorn, I highly recommend it. So, if you are looking for something cheap to do, ($3.00 per person, kids 5 and under free), come out to the Chicken and Egg Festival....Saturday, 10:00-10:00, and Sunday 11:00-5:00. See ya there!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Part Deuce

Most of our holidays are filled with juggling both families and attending as many events as possible. On Sunday, after church, we headed out to David's parents house for Easter lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. That is always fun, and the kids really like it. Lunch was delicious as usual, and we finished up eating and everything about 3:00, and then headed to my grandmothers to eat again at 4:00. I couldn't even think about eating again...until I saw chocolate cake, so I had some of that and one of my Uncle Steve's delicious ribs and called it a night. Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, mainly because it is more relaxed than most of the other holidays. Christmas is always such a rush and everyone is always stressed out and just "ready for it to be over." I feel like we all loose sight of the real meanings of these holidays and if we got back to that, than all the stress would be gone. I are some shots of our Easter Sunday!!

Cliff and the boys...

Me and Tess

Cliff and Gina....(we didn't get a picture of John and Melinda) :(

All the children

Bree in a dead sprint for an egg!!

Bree and Melinda going through the loot!

Still hunting



The girls with Uncle David

Easter Part 1

Since David and I do not have any kids, we still do lots of stuff for each other that most couples do not do...I keep thinking in my mind that despite all odds, we will still be the couple with kids that still do nice things for each other and don't make it all about the children. I know that is easy to say now before I am at Wal-mart at 1:00 a.m. the morning of Easter getting baskets together for the children...maybe I will still remember to pick David up something in my foggy haze. So this year, the Easter Bunny came to our house before church. I got all my favorite candy and a T.J. Max giftcard, and a Nicholas Sparks book called "The Choice" that I have already finished...started it Sunday night, finished it Monday evening. :) David got an I Tunes giftcard, his favorite candy and a bottle of "OFF." He is Mr. Mosquito, so I got him a travel size to keep in his car. So here are some shots of us with our basket and before the Easter hunt! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Oh...on another note...what do ya'll think of my "SKANKY HAIR???!" My lovely hair girl at Braswells did it, and dyed the bottom of my hair really dark and highlighted the top. David said it looks "edgy..." that could be his nice way of saying it looks trashy, but it is growing on can see it more in this picture.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates "ARRGGGHHH" taking over the world

Over the past several weeks, the new about all of these pirate attacks has really gotten under my skin. I was watching Fox News on Easter and they were saying that last year alone, the pirates made more than $22 million dollars off of their hijackings alone. This brings to mind a very obvious question to me. Why in the world are we letting this happen??? With the most sophisticated military in the world, we are reverting back to the old days when pirates ruled the seas. Oh, and the "no weapons on the ship thing.." HELLO??? No wonder they keep coming after these ships. We might as well put out a welcome mat and tell them to rob us. Like most people, if you hear about something that happened to a particular person...for example the guy in Texas that shot the people robbing his neighbor, you make a mental note..."Remind me not to go to Texas and rob anyone...they are so close there that their neighbors will shoot you." That is all it would take to make these pirates run back to the shore...blow a couple of them up, show the footage on TV, and leave one of them with half an arm or something to go back and tell the rest of them. I mean, this is really getting ridiculous and makes us look like a bunch of sissy's. Sorry for the rant this morning...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let me introduce you to my second skin

And no this is not me....this is a much more glamorized version of what I look like every day when David gets home from work. Ever since we have been married, David has always made fun of my work ritual. After I get home from work for the day, I immediately strip down (in his words, like my clothes are on fire) and put on my favorite blue bath robe. To me, that is relaxation. Plus, after being in a suit all day and heels, when the day is over, I am so uncomfortable in what I have on that I do feel like my clothes are on fire and I am ready to get out of them. He just asked me if I wanted to go to Verizon with him and I had to really persuade myself to put clothes back on and go out. I did ask him if I could go in my bathrobe and he said as long as I put on a pair of Crocs and had rollers in my hair, that would be okay to do. So, I am about to get up, put on the dreaded clothing required, and head out. :( If only it was socially acceptable to go out in your bathrobe...wishful thinking I guess!!

Weekend Warriors

I don't know if you have noticed or not, but the Higginbotham's weekends are not like most people. Most people look forward to the weekend, to wind down from the week and relax a little...not us. The weekend, is just two more days that we could possibly work. I try not to look too far out onto our calendar because it will make you want to lay down in traffic. Anyways, I digress. This past weekend was no exception. David was suppose to play a benefit at Athens State on Friday night which got cancelled (thank goodness) due to the crazy weather. On Saturday, he had a photo session, and then we went to Athens for him and Justin to play a show. We always have a great time with Justin and Micah and David and Justin sound really good together when they play and sing. Minus a couple sound glitches, the night went off without a hitch. Everyone loved them of course and Micah and I had a great time as well. Here are some pictures from the night!




Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well It's Getting That Time of Year Again!

We are getting semi-close to our 3 year anniversary!! Wahoo! I know its a little premature, but we are starting to discuss what kind of trip we are taking for our anniversary in August. The past two years, we have done cruises, which are always fun. They are extremely cheap, and you don't have to plan anything, its already done, so that is a plus for us. However, this year, I was wanting to do something different. Traveling right now is a good idea because most people are not doing it, so there are alot of good deals. I just don't know where to go. I have looked into Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, and a couple of other places, but just don't know exactly what to do. Has anyone ever done one of the all inclusive vacations? Are they worth it? Any suggestions on where to go? I am at a loss, but I want to go ahead and get something booked. I am also not ruling out a cruise, if you have been on a fantastic one...I just need some input. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Let Me Die With Roots!!

Today during the massive storm, I was instructed to get off the road by my boss, so I decided to see if I could squeeze in a hair appointment before Easter. I am in Braswell's with a bunch of ladies, one guy getting haircut and another guy getting a pedicure. The thing that was so hilarious to me about the guy getting the pedicure was that he didn't look like your typical "guy that would get a pedicure." He looked like he just climbed down off a utility pole for Decatur Utilities (no offense to them either, they just don't seem like the pedicure type.) It cracked me up, but more power to him. So, during the main part of the storm when all the hail came, I was up in foil and thinking to myself...what a way to go. I can see them finding my cold dead body piled underneath tons of rubble...but at least I wouldn't have any roots!!! :) Anyway, we all huddled in the bathroom next to the brick wall, and were safe. There was lots of hail though that sounded like it was coming through their tin roof. So, for Easter Sunday, I will have nice hair and eyebrows...thank goodness, storm or not!! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Have Your Mother's Butt...well thank you.


On Saturday night in the middle of all the chaos of the baton recital, David informed me that my Mother and I have the same butt. Well...thanks??? It was a little random, but, what do you do. I thought it was pretty funny. After the recital, all the Gover gals (and David) headed out for a little sandwich at Subway. I thought this pictures was a cute one! Patsy and Joy have a signature chin/neck pose, which cracks me up...It is so funny to me to see all the generations and how we all think we are so different from our Mother's, but in actuality, we are pretty much the same. I guess we can all entertain ourselves in the same nursing home one day! David always jokes about my mom and Aunt Patsy being in the same room at the nursing home...he says when the other residents hear them shuffling their feet down the hallway they will say, "'s the Gover girls, act like you are asleep!" We can't help it we are social butterflies! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Decatur Dixie Darlings 30th Year Recital!

On Saturday I rushed back from my trip to Birmingham with my girls for my Mother's 30th year baton recital at T.C. Almon. I can't believe that she has taught baton for 30 years, and still has the patience to deal with 67 little girls every Thursday after dealing with the kids at her school all day. More power to her. She does such a great job with them, and they always look so cute at the recital. So, this year, I decided to try to do something special for her. I called the Decatur Daily and they came out and did a story on her recital which ran yesterday (you may not be able to read it unless you have a subscription to the Daily)...we also had cake and an engraved clock from Parks and Recreation, and a certificate from the Mayor for her. It was really nice. One of the parts of the Daily story is about a mom, who my mother taught baton, and now her daughter is taking from her. It was really neat! Here are some shots from the night...

This is me reading her the certificate from Mayor Stanford...

The yummy cake!!



This is the Fukagawa family...we LOVE them and are sad they are moving back to Japan!!! :(

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who knew 150 hangers wouldn't be enough

Before you ask, no, our house was not hit by a tornado...well, unless you consider me a in that case, yes we were hit hard. I am a HUGE QVC lover, (please keep your jokes to yourself), and I purchased Joy Mangano's Huggable Hangers about 2 months ago to re-organize my closets. They are OUT OF CONTROL!!! So, Sunday night, I started pulling everything out. I took all my clothes off the hangers they were on and started putting them on the new hangers which are super cool. However...I got about 1/3 of the way done and realized I was running out of the new hangers. Yes, that is right, one of my two closets, I have more than 450 items of clothing...these are not walk in closets you can imagine why they looked like a disaster every time you opened the door. So, I am half way through with my project and am going to have to order $200.00 worth of hangers in addition to what I have already spent. Let's just hope I get enough this time. I will post the finished project when it is complete...say a prayer no one falls into the piles of clothing left and disappears into the darkness!!

Girls Weekend!

On Friday after work, I headed down to Birmingham to see all of my bestest friends from college. We all live really far away from each other, but I think we do a pretty good job of getting together. It was great fun as usual. I only got to stay Friday night and part of the day Saturday, because my Mother had her 30th year baton recital, and so I came back for that...more on that later. Anyways, we stayed at Ginger's new house in Homewood which is super cute and she has the neatest neighborhood. We stayed in Friday night while everyone got into town, and then Saturday, we went out to lunch at Botega. It was so good...most of us got their macaroni and cheese with a salad which was the best macaroni I have ever eaten in my life. The service there was extremely slow, (we were there like 2 hours), but we had a good time together. We celebrated Ginger and Kelli's birthday with a delicious cake that Lawren brought from this bakery in Mobile that was to die for. Little did we know, that at Botega, they charge each person $2.50 if you bring in your own cake...interesting, but it was worth it. The girls all stayed through Sunday, and I have seen some pictures from the rest of the weekend, which looked like they had a great time as well. I miss them all tremendously, but when we get together, its like we have never been apart. That is the sign of great friends!!

Me and Lawren...watching Ginger cook!

Our baby mama...Jennifer

Relaxing evening at Ginger's Friday night...

Saturday morning...before lunch

We were all trying to set up our timers on our cameras...and Lindsey was posing for us...

Ginger, Caroline, Lindsey, Lawren and Me!


Is that a baby in Lindsey Moore's hand? Surely not! Our newest addition to the Phi Mu superfriends...Emily!

Me and Lindsey...I am coming to Texas to see you in July! WAHOO!

Lawren and Ginger at Botega..

Me and Jennifer...waiting on that awesome macaroni!!

Sweet Caroline!

Happy Birthday that a hole in the cake...perhaps where Jennifer swiped some of the icing??

All the girls....Love you ladies!!!

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