Saturday, July 28, 2012

Steven's 15th Birthday!!

I can't believe I just typed that....Steven is 15.  It seems like yesterday that he was just born.  I guess I am getting old...who would have thought it.  One random fact I remember about the day he was born was that after getting to visit him in the hospital, my buddy Richard Lloyd taught me how to drive a stick shift.  His poor truck will never be the same after that day!  I know that is an odd memory to associate with Steven's birthday, but I can always remember how many years I've known how to drive a stick shift. 

Obviously I had a little A.D.D. moment there, I'll try not to digress again.  So this year, I wanted to get something for Steven that he would remember.  Steven seems to have his Aunt Anna's love for the river, so I thought a perfect gift for him would be this....

So here was the plan....I had my mom bring him out to the river and when they got there, I was fishing on my neighbor Bobby's dock.  I had the boat on the dock with the sign facing the water.  So when Steven walked up, the sign was facing the water, away from him.  I told him that the fish were biting over here so he could join me and fish on Bobby's dock for awhile.  So, he's standing pretty close to the boat and fishing, obviously oblivious to the boat.  So he throws a couple times and glances over at the boat and see's the sign...


I think he was processing the sign....

He asked me then if we got to "use" the boat that day for his birthday....I told him no, it was his permanently...I think he was happy.



Needless to say, we tore up the river that day.  I told David if we never get in the boat again, we got our money's worth that day. 




Happy Birthday to my first nephew.  I am so proud of Steven for the wonderful young man he is becoming.  Now don't forget to visit your favorite aunt in the nursing home.


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