Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh so behind.....

For whatever reason, I have fallen into a blog slump.  As one of my dedicated readers reminded me, its been since May 23rd that I posted anything.  :)  As you can imagine, we have had a great deal going on...I'll try to catch us up as much as possible without totally overwhelming anyone aka-make them quit reading my super long post.  Here are a few of the events we can squeeze together...

I bought David VIP tickets to the Dave Barnes concert in Nashville for Valentine's Day this year.  We took off for an overnight trip up there and had a blast.  Dave Barnes is a great musician and is also pretty dang hilarious as well.  When we had our photo taken with him, David told him that he didn't want a "normal" shot because we have too many photos of us all standing there smiling at the camera.  This is the result of said comment...

We also got to hear Andrew Ripp that night who has quickly become one of my favorites to play on the ole' Ipod..

I'm a total goober because I can't remember the name of this famous sign shop in Nashville, but we went there...David looked at signs and I played with the cat.


The next event was a fishing trip with me and Stevo...which after this trip I was prompted to buy his birthday present which will be explained below....We paddled up and down and up and down the river setting and checking these lines.  Had a great day, but it was super exhausting for an old lady.  :)



And the famous question...."How many Linley's does it take to get a fish off the hook?"


All in all a great day!

We then went to the Brian Reagan show in Huntsville with Cheryl and Brandon and some new friends we met that night.  The Davis' were so gracious to host us for dinner that evening before the show and we had a great time!

Steven had his football jamboree which was a lot of fun as well!  We are looking forward to another great football season with him! 

That's all I have time for at the moment...we will pick up with Steven's 15th birthday present! 


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